DREAM MACHINE started out in 1988 and hailed from Brussels. Actually, it was the continuation of a band named HITCHIKER, which was started in 1985 already. HITCHIKER included vocalist / guitarist Alain Vandenberghe (who was also a member of RITUAL in those days), bassist Marc 'John' De Ruwe and drummer Eddy De Logi. Both Marc and Eddy had been playing together in a Boogie Blues band prior to this, and both were roadies for RITUAL as well.

When bassist Marc De Ruwe was replaced by H.H. Del Rio (aka Didier Retelet, ex RITUAL guitarist) in 1988, HITCHIKER morphed into DREAM MACHINE. Later on in 1988 the band became a quartet when Patrice 'Le Pat' Harck (who was also in SIXTY NINE at the time) joined on bass, and H.H. Del Rio switched to guitar again. On September 17th 1988 the band played live at Zaal Familia in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, together with CYCLONE. The band also played support to the likes of SACRED REICH (December 31st 1988 at Zaal Martinus in Oordegem) and CANDLEMASS that same year.

On April 16th 1989 DREAM MACHINE supported MOTÖRHEAD at the Vooruit in Gent. And on July 20th, the band invaded Le Foyer in Braine-L'Alleud, together with HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD and Russia's MASTER. At least one more gig with MASTER took place as well. And although MASTER called it quits years ago already, some of their ex members are still said to be living in Belgium these days ...

In 1990, while still being in DREAM MACHINE, H.H. Del Rio joined ALEX WILLIAM VINCENT. They played live a lot and recorded one demo. One of their songs (Histoire Louche) ended up on the Ramses On The Top 91 compilation LP.

In 1991 H.H. Del Rio left DREAM MACHINE and formed INVADERS FROM MARS, together with Micky Mike, Karina X & Paul Zahl. The band recorded one demo and was in the HAWKWIND meets New Wave style, including synthesizers and a drum machine. Eventually H.H. Del Rio was replaced by Walter 'Wally' De Cocker. A keyboard player was added as well : Nicolas 'Coco The MachineHead' Lairin (ex CYCLONE drummer).

This new line-up recorded the Prologue mCD in 1991, at Studio de Hautregard with André Gielen. It was recorded over the course of one weekend. It was released on Two Flags, a small record company from Brussels. A deal that was arranged thanks to André Gielen, and most likely only 1000 copies were made. There was hardly any promo activity regarding the release of Prologue from Two Flags, and the band started sending out copies to the media in stead. A favourable review in Holland's Aardschok magazine followed, yet sales were rather poor. Nevertheless Prologue has become a hard to find collector's item these days.

On October 3rd 1992 DREAM MACHINE was part of a line-up that also included ANCIENT RITES, LUNACY, MOLEST and UNUSUAL at Zaal Uylenspiegel in Vilvoorde.

In 1993 Walter & Nicolas left and were replaced by Robert 'Robby H.' Henin (guitars) & Marc 'Philty' Martens. With this new line-up the band recorded a first full-length album, titled Tome 1 (also with André Gielen), the release of which never saw the light of day. The mastertapes simply disappeared, or more likely were erased and used for another band, and all that remains is an unmixed version of the recordings. Later on in 1993 all other members left and Alain was the sole survivor.

In 1994 guitarist Robert Henin returned and in September bassist Jeanf Vranckx (ex NDE) & drummer Bart Reinartz (ex MOLEST) were enlisted as well. NDE, or NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, was a hard rock outfit, while MOLEST were more in the thrash metal vein. With this new line-up, and a change towards a more thrash influenced style, the band decided that a namechange would be appropriate as well, and as such DREAM MACHINE became D.MACHINE in late 1994.

In 1995 D.MACHINE recorded a 5-song demo {Remember, Cleaning, Lack Of Strength, Grief, Bazaar} with André Gielen at Hautregard studio in Verviers.

In 1996 Alain 'Lynch' Vanmalderen joined D.MACHINE on vocals. Lynch used to be in thrash metallers LETHAL IMPACT before and released a demo with them. This new D.MACHINE line-up recorded another 4 songs {Choose, Trance Lucid, Sweet, Utopy}, with Koen De Boevé (ex MOLEST guitarist) and Luk Van Acker at Galaxy Studio's in Mol. Actually, Lynch was the singer on only one of those four songs.

In early 1997 D.MACHINE changed moniker once again, to FALLOW. Later on in 1997 both D.MACHINE demos were mastered at Electric City Studio in Laken by Alan Ward and released on one CD, as FALLOW's Swallow Hit debut, on BMG Records. Swallow Hit sold very well at the FNAC store in Brussels the first week after its release, however there was hardly any promotion once again.

FALLOW played frequently in Wallonia and in September of 1997 FALLOW was the opening act for LABERINTO at the Magasin 4 venue in Brussels. In November of 1997 the band was invited to support CHANNEL ZERO during their farewell tour in places such as Borgerhout (Hof Ter Lo), Brussels (Botanique), Gent (Vooruit) and Tongeren (De Velinx).

In 1998 Didier Antonis replaced Bart Reinartz on drums. Didier used to be in a band called PHC (PNEUMATIC HEAD COMPRESSOR) before. Due to the fact that the band received no label support FALLOW called it quits later on in 1998.

Towards the end of 1998 Robert Henin, Alain Vanmalderen and Didier Antonis formed a thrash outfit called THE CHASE IS ON. And in early 2000 Alain Vandenberghe and Didier Retelet (H.H. Del Rio) resurrected RITUAL, their line-up at that time being completed by bassist Jeanf Vranckx and drummer Eddy De Logi.

In 2003 Eddy De Logi joined THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN and these days Alain Vandenberghe is still active in a heavy band called THE GUILD. THE GUILD started out in 2002, shortly after the re-united RITUAL was laid to rest for good, and recorded a 4-song demo in 2004, at the In The Air Studio. These days THE GUILD includes Alain Vandenberghe (vocals & guitar), Nicolas Claus (guitar, ex PSYCHOTICS), Sylvia Bongiovani (bass) and Didier Antonis (drums). A first full-length CD is said to be in the works ...


1992 : Prologue (mCD, Two Flags) {It's All We Want (Nr 7), Save Your Ass, Trip To Nowhere, Angels Of Dust}

1993 : Tome 1 (unreleased LP) {Intro/Beyond The Universe, Save Your Ass, Out Of Control, Getting Down, Planet Unknown, Enigma, Outro}

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