The origins of ENFORCER go back to late June 1987, when guitarist Geert Fieuw hooked up with Filip Vanderkelen (guitar), Gerrit Van Bellingen (bass) and David Reynders (drums). The latter three had already played together in another band prior to this. Due to lack of a vocalist in those early days, Geert decided to handle the vocal duties as well.

The band proceeded to play two small shows with this line-up, and it soon became apparent that Filip didn't really fit in. In August of 1987 he left ENFORCER and the band continued as a trio for a while. They even did another small gig with this minimalistic line-up, in mid September.

In early October Dirk De Turck, who had already played together with Gerrit and David in the past, joined as second guitarist. Auditions for a suitable vocalist continued as well : plenty of candidates applied for the job, but none of them really worked out. Until they met Chris Denis (ex WISE DEMONS) in mid November 1987. ENFORCER was complete at last, and they began to rehearse intensively, in order to create an entirely new repertoire.

In late February of 1988 ENFORCER entered Studio C in Leuven with producer Pierre Wallyn (of BAD LIZARD fame) and engineer/mixer Michel Dierickx (of CYCLONE fame). The end result was a 4-song demo, entitled Forcefields. With this first effort the band intended to attract more gigs, and thus they started to promote Forcefields in the media (fanzines, local radio stations, ...). Forcefields was also available to the general public in those days.

I don't really know how the rest of ENFORCER's career evolved after this. Fact is that they played in Pepingen on May 21st 1988, together with HANDS OF MERCY.

These days Geert Fieuw is a member of BEYOND THE LABYRINTH and bassist Gerrit Van Bellingen can be found in ALBION.


1988 : Forcefields (demo) {Deceiver, Stand Up, No Escape, Catch The Time}

Forcefields - demo (frontcover)

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