Hereís a selection of what various people e-mailed or wrote me about DEN OF INIQUITY # 3. For the time being Iíve chosen to let them as I received them, meaning some of them are in my native language, Dutch. If there is a real demand to have those translated in English as well, Iíll oblige. In due time I will include some of the reviews that appeared in other publications (SNAKEPIT, IRON WOLF, METAL MANIACS, THE METAL UNDERGROUND ZINE, Ö) here as well.

Hi Eddy!
Yesterday I received your third issue. Itís amazing!!!! Very good work; my congratulations! I will put a review online in a few days, ok?
(Nikos Parastatidis, Behind The Veil E-zine, Greece)

ik heb DEN OF INIQUITY 3 ontvangen en al doorgenomem. Het begint meer en meer te trekken op SNAKEPIT en STEEL CONJURING; uitstekend dus!!! Ik wil je best helpen met de volgende uitgave. Indien interesse; just let me know!
(Ronny Elst, Metal Maniac, Belgium)

Hail Eddy,
this is Christos, THE AVENGER. I got your fanzines sometime ago but I wanted to read them first, and then tell you my opinion. First of all thank you for the zines. You rule. I LOVED THEM. They are true metal gems. This is how magazines should be. You are really a great metal mutant. I respect you very much for what you are, and for all the fight you put up for metal. I was listening to OSTROGOTH the other day and thinking of you. Say hello to your girlfriend Christine as well. I am honoured to know people like you, and I hope one day I will meet you. I know Screaming Steel will be up again someday, I promise. I wish I knew you when I was younger too, and starting in heavy metal. Maybe one day we will unite our powers to help metal, who knows? ALWAYS METAL.
(Christos ĎTHE AVENGERí Dimitriadis, Screaming Steel Radio, Greece)

Hi Eddy.
Thanks for the zine - it arrived today. Youíve obviously put a lot of work into it. Go and drink lots of Duvel to recover! Thanks and good luck.
(Gavin Matthews, former DERVISH bassist, England)

Thanks for a copy of issue 3 of your zine. I enjoyed it a lot more than issue 2. Good to hear youíre moving into a more professional direction, good luck with that! To improve the look of the zine I would suggest getting rid of those underlined questions and, obviously, getting some pictures, artwork and graphics into it.
(Russell Smith, Black Tears Distribution, England)

Hello Eddy,
thanks for the DEN OF INIQUITY # 3 copy. Itís kicks-ass, as always. I like the review section a lot, because it seems that you listen to almost every CD very carefully, because you always trace a lot of details that other reviews seem to ignore. Keep up the good metal work. Metal, Manos.
(Manos Koufakis, Cult Metal Classics Records, Greece)

Hey Eddy,
nice meeting you at the show, hope your visit to the U.S.A. was a good one! I read through your magazine, and even though I was not familiar with most of the bands, it was well-done and a good read. Regards,
(George M., AFTERSHOK guitarist, U.S.A.)

Dag Eddy,
Bedankt om mij een exemplaar van DEN OF INIQUITY toe te sturen. Nog meer ben je bedankt voor de uiterst coole reviews die je over AFTER ALL schreef (drie stuks maar liefst!). Ik had me er eerlijk gezegd niet aan verwacht, gewoon niet aan gedacht ... De verrassing was dus compleet. Bedankt voor de support, dat doet namelijk deugd! Verder veel leuke interviews met, en reviews over andere, minder voor de hand liggende bands gelezen. Very nice indeed!
(Dries Van Damme, AFTER ALL guitarist, Belgium)

Thanks Eddy. I hope it arrives soon, so I can review your great mag in SNAKEPIT # 11. You know, there are only few mags around that are worth reading, and yours is one of those.
(Heinz Konzett, SNAKEPIT magazine, Austria)

Hi Eddy,
Saw the info about the new issue of your mag on the METAL TREASURES website. Well, 5 Euros are in the mail for it. You might not remember, but I already got your 2 first ones some time ago : great stuff ! The features of # 3 seem killer as well (would love to read that DERVISH interview)! Anyway, wait for my letter & money, and hope to read it soon. Take care.
(Jeff Plagnard, France)

I donít remember if I wrote you back when I got your zine ... so here I am anyway ... Thanx for sending the zine. It has pretty nice content. Glad to see there are still passionate people like you in the underground. By the way, weíre still looking for some writers here in our staff (I mean for BEYOND WEBZINE), donít you know people who could write reviews in French AND English for us? Or maybe you could do that? Who knows ... Hope to hear from you soon,
(Nicolas Arnaud, BEYOND Webzine, Belgium)

Oh yea man! I thought it was great!!! Itís mags like yours that remind me of the days when metal music was un-corrupted and fresh. Sorry I havenít gotten back to you. Did you happen to hear the news about the drummer? We have JAG PANZERís drummer now, and it TOTALLY KICKS ASS!!!
(Tom Gattis, BALLISTIC guitarist, U.S.A.)

Yeah, I got the zine, and I like it pretty much! Didnít you get my message??? Strange ... Please send me the text that you want to place on DRAGONIGHTís website! Take care! Best metal wishes!
(Bart Gabriel / DRAGONIGHT Agency, Poland)

yes, got the package 2 days ago : thanx a lot! Havenít finished to read DEN OF INIQUITY # 3 yet, but I really liked the BROCAS HELM and HAVE MERCY interviews. Will mail you again when Iíve read the entire mag! Greetings for your great job!
(Jeff Plagnard, France)

got the 3 issues of DEN OF INIQUITY and began already to read. Really great mag, with detailed reviews and interviews. One of the best mags nowadays, next to SNAKEPIT, THATíS METAL and PSYCHEDELIC. Hope you will release many issues in the future, and inform me when the next issue will be available. Take care,
(Kurt Winter, Metal fan, Germany)

Sorry for the delay. I thought I had contacted you after receiving the issue, but Iím probably wrong. It was a great read, as always. I especially enjoy the vinyl reviews, as you are very specific about the packaging and contents of each release. Did you wind up going to Wacken? There were 40,000 people this year, so finding familiar faces was harder than ever. My favourites were CANDLEMASS and METALUCIFER. I canít let this letter end without informing you of some sad news. One of my closest friends and bandmate, Tom from IRON RAINBOW, passed away on friday. He was a great guy who loved metal, and will be sorely missed. Iíll hopefully see you again in the coming year, and speak to you soon my friend.
(Jeff Brown, BAD POSTURE Records, U.S.A.)

Hey Eddy,
Yeah , Iím still here! Wow, we havenít been in touch since you sent me DEN OF INIQUITY # 3? It has been while, hasnít it. I did receive and enjoy it, thanks alot! Take Care.
(Jim Powell, METALGRIND Productions, U.S.A.)

Hoi Eddy !
Enkele dagen geleden heb ik DEN OF INIQUITY # 3 ontvangen, en ik moet zeggen chapeau!!! Prima blad, met veel aandacht aan groepen die het niet altijd krijgen, maar wel verdienen ! Ik las in je voorwoord dat je in de toekomst zal verder werken aan DEN OF INIQUITY # 4 en daar ben ik blij om!! Eindelijk eens een blad met veel info, weinig reclame, etc. ... Schitterend!!! Het heeft even geduurd alvorens ik je een mail stuurde, maar ik wou eerst even enkele interviews lezen, alvorens een besluit te vormen! Keep up the good work!! Metal United !!
(Patrick De Sloover, OVERDRIVE radio show, Belgium)

I received the zines today. They look great and interesting, but now I have to read it. Thanks!
(Patrick Lefevre, IRON WOLF fanzine/webzine, France)

Hello Eddy,
I got 3 issues thursday. Hereís what I thought : I like the vinyl reviews very much; for each vinyl, you give a lot of information regarding insert, inner sleeve, lyrics, ect. I hope this page will surface in every next DEN OF INIQUITY! The interviews are very informative as well. The only complaint is from issue 2 : you printed the text too small. I like it, donít forget to inform me when your next issue will be ready. Thanks, and long live DEN OF INIQUITY!!! We rock, regards.
(David Sarot, Metal fan, France)

yes I want them. I will send the money tomorrow. Ä 10,00, is this incl. postage? I have finished DEN OF INIQUITY # 1 : really great stuff! I think itís good if you only feature bands that you like, and not what everyone else expects to read, etc. so keep up the good work! Thanks.
(Silvia Moresi, Metal fan, Switzerland)

Hi, today I finally got my DEN OF INIQUITY # 3! I immediately read the HAVE MERCY interview (I didnít manage to read the rest of the stuff until now). All I can say is : this is THE BEST interview Iíve ever read!!! No kidding! Iím not saying this because Iíd be just trying to be nice! To read that interview was PURE PLEASURE!!! Thereís absolutely no question or answer in that interview, that would bore me! Instead, I was laughing my head off, reading about all the anecdotes and other info. You really asked the right questions, the interesting ones Ö You know, Iím really sick of interviews where the band is being asked only questions like: ĎWhen did you release your first albumí, and stuff like that. All such stuff can already be found on the Internet! But this interview of yours contains info that isnít available anywhere else. Once again, GRRREAT work, man!!! Now, as I already said, I didnít manage to read the rest of the magazine (except for the STORMWITCH review Ė I love them, and have all their albums, plus some rare stuff), but Iím sure it will be great. Anyway, I do have a few critics about your magazine, and since you wrote that theyíre welcome, Iíll let you know about them; I miss more photos Ė donít get me wrong, I am definitely more than satisfied with your magazine, because itís really a bursting source of interesting info, but you know, more photos would make it more attractive, even at a first sight. You know, so that when you open it, there isnít Ďjustí plain text, but also some photos among the interview questions (yes, this would mean more pages, but Ö). And Iím not talking about 100 photos, just one or two, you know, to spice it up a little. The other thing would be the fonts Ė I donít know, I kinda Ďhateí Times New Roman fonts Ö I think Arial or Tahoma, for example, would fit much better. But this is just my taste, you know Ö This is itÖ But once again, the overall judgement is that this magazine of yours is definitely the greatest one Iíve ever read (Iíd give it 9.9 out of 10 points) and that Iím really happy that I ordered it. OK, hope to hear from you soon! Best,
(Miha Horvat / Metal fan & HAVE MERCY website designer / Slovenia)

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