The origins of Kasterlee-based JAILBREAKER go back to 1985, with one of the originators being drummer Jan 'Jakke' Proost. By 1986 the line-up was complete and the band settled on BLACK SEASON as a bandname. Later on the band switched names again, to JAILBREAKER.

In 1991 the JAILBREAKER line-up included Tom 'War' Noyens (vocals & guitar), Bart 'Oop' Boonen (guitar), drummer Jan 'Jakke' Proost and session bassist Wics Rombouts (ex THORAX, ex POWERAID). With this line-up the band went into the Prime Home Studio in Kasterlee on November 9th 1991, with producer Paul Nuydens and engineers Danny van de Plas and Luc Praet. The result was the Out Now demo. Prior to this, on May 17th 1991, JAILBREAKER and Holland's JEWEL had played at JH Bogaard in Geel.

On February 8th 1992 JAILBREAKER played support to KILLER & UNUSUAL at the Parochiecentrum venue in Kasterlee. Their 75' set on that occasion also included 'unknown' songs such as Checkpoint Charlie and Shortsightedness. And on July 3rd 1992 JAILBREAKER played at Jeka in Kasterlee.

On September 27th 1992 JAILBREAKER were back at Jeka already, performing in a tent alongside the likes of IDES OF FIRE, KILLER, LOST IN MISERY and UNUSUAL. On October 3rd 1992 JAILBREAKER performed at the Roadhouse in Hoeselt.

Later on in 1992 bassist Wics Rombouts moved on to RUBICON. He would later on join PRIME MOVER, SHANNAH and BLACK-JACK, before starting his own band WIX in April of 1994.


1991 : Out Now (demo) {Intro, Media Kills, Life Of A Lunatic, Duel, Lights Of Nowhere}

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