MOLEST (L - R ) : Patrick Meuris - Koen Bulens - William K. - Koen De Boevé - Bart Reinartz (picture supplied by Gert Peeters)


In their earliest days MOLEST, hailing from the Vilvoorde area, were called DAMNATION. At that time (circa 1986) the band consisted of Koen De Boevé (guitar), Patrick Meuris (bass) and Koen Bulens (drums). After Koen Bulens met Bart Reinartz in 1988, he switched to vocals and Bart became DAMNATION’s drummer. Apart from rehearsing, nothing much happened with DAMNATION, as the band never played live, nor did they record any demos. Eventually Patrick suggested to change the bandname into MOLEST and a couple of free podium gigs soon followed, as well as a gig in Peizegem, alongside MIND EXIT and SCOUNDRELS. In the end MOLEST’s line-up was completed with the addition of guitarist William Krusche.

In March of 1989 MOLEST recorded their first demo. Recorded, mixed and engineered in 13 hours at the Jam Studio in Kampenhout, Let Me Out is perhaps best defined as a try-out mixture of thrash metal and hardcore. Actually, the band’s debut demo was produced by Alex Raes and (ex OVERDOSE, TRAIN & BATTLECRY guitarist) Jos Van Geit, together with the band. From then on the bandmembers were known as Boeffer (Koen De Boevé), Boelens (Koen Bulens), Bronto (Patrick Meuris) and Woody (Bart Reinartz). Shortly after the recordings, William Krusche left the band.

In 1990 MOLEST recorded a second demo, Looney Tunes From Insania, which was released in September. This second effort was a definite improvement over their first demo and accomplished a furious level of thrash metal. After the release of this second effort, bassist Patrick Meuris quit MOLEST because he had to venture off to England and Germany for his job. He was replaced by Sigi Verbeeck, while Gert Peeters (ex CRUXMORTIS) joined the ranks as a second guitarist.

MOLEST (L - R ) : Koen Bulens - Sigi Verbeeck - Gert Peeters - Koen De Boevé - Bart Reinartz (picture supplied by Gert Peeters)

In late 1993 MOLEST got to know producer André Gielen and in early 1994 the band went into André’s Hautregard Recordings Studio in Verviers to record a 5-song promo tape, in order to try and attract a record deal at last. In fact, MOLEST had some kind of exclusive deal with the Hautregard Studio, implying that they would look for a suitable deal within 6 months. Actually, one of the songs on that tape (Sufferage) was composed with the help of DREAM MACHINE guitarist Robert Henin during a jam session. Shortly after the recordings, guitarist Koen De Boevé left the band. He was soon followed by drummer Bart Reinartz, who was disappointed by the lack of progress that MOLEST had made in recent years.

In early 1995 the Hautregard Studio staff attended an international label convention in France and RRS, a subsidiary of Progress Records out of Denmark, showed interest and was willing to release the 1994 promo tape as a mini-CD. About a month later, the news arrived that Progress would pick up the band, instead of RRS, and that they wanted to release a full CD. After signing with Progress, MOLEST was contacted by the German SPV/Steamhammer label, who were also interested in picking up the band, but by then the deal with Progress was already settled.

In the meantime the band had enlisted Gert Verbeeck (younger brother of bassist Sigi) as their temporarily new drummer, but as things worked out so well, Gert soon left his previous band (CRUXMORTIS) and joined MOLEST permanently. With this new line-up, MOLEST finally found its form and at this point the Danish record deal got inked. Entering the Hautregard Recordings Studio once again in May of 1995, the band recorded another 8 songs, over the course of 11 days. Together with two songs off the 1994 promo tape (Art Of Knowing & Sufferage), these were all used for MOLEST’s Milkfish debut CD, which was released in early August 1995. It showed a fresh band expanding its horizons, drawing various influences from the contemporary 1990’s metal landscape.

MOLEST (L - R ) : Gert Verbeeck - Gert Peeters - Sigi Verbeeck - Koen Bulens (picture supplied by Gert Peeters)

The Milkfish album was firmly promoted by Kurt Overbergh & Rough Trade in the Benelux and was well-received. The album did get distributed worldwide, though received hardly any promotional support from the band's Danish record label. Regardless, Milkfish went on to sell about 5.000 copies. Proper management also ensured a lot of concerts, both in Belgium and abroad. Highlights include the Dour Festival in 1996, support slots for MUCKY PUP (VK*, Brussels) and RAMMSTEIN (Vooruit, Ghent), and a three-week co-headlining tour with labelmates TREND in Denmark, during which stages were also shared with the likes of GROPE and RED HARVEST, amongst others.

In July of 1997 MOLEST (still with the line-up being Koen Bulens, Gert Peeters, Sigi Verbeeck and Gert Verbeeck) went back to Hautregard Recordings Studio to lay down tracks for a second full-length CD. Produced by André Gielen once again, and mixed by Lio Kor, the oddly named Tep Zepi (referring to an ancient Egyptian era that sprang forth legends about alien encounters) was released on the studio's own Urban Records label in late 1997. Musically, Tep Zepi was the logical evolution from Milkfish, with the band exploring yet again different styles and sounds. As a result, it showed MOLEST as a more matured band, becoming a psychedelic crossbreed of metal and other genres.

Tragedy struck when guitarist Gert Peeters died an unfortunate death just one week after Tep Zepi was released. The band hastily found a temporarily replacement in Paulus Ielegems, and as such performed a couple of shows that had already been planned in support of Ted Zepi. But the loss of their life-long friend and fellow musician backfired shortly after these shows. Plans for an official CD release party were buried and all other concerts were cancelled. After struggling with the decision to find a new permanent guitarist, with hopes of performing live again from the summer of 1998 onwards, the band ultimately decided to call it quits and MOLEST was laid to rest around early 1998. With regards to Gert Peeters’ untimely demise, the band at the time stated : “You could change a guitarist, but you can't change best friends”.

The remaining members of MOLEST headed into a totally different direction for a while afterwards, as they created a trip-hop project called KOOLER, together with former CYCLONE bassist / guitarist Stefaan Daamen. KOOLER recorded two mini-CD’s : The Subtle Sessions Part 1 & Part 2. On a trivial note, samples of Gert Peeters' guitar-parts from MOLEST's Morning Man song were used in a KOOLER track called Wicker Man.

In the summer of 2002 drummer Gert Verbeeck hooked up with bassplayer Pieter Boeckx (who would eventually surface in MONKY PUSSY in 2005) and guitarist Piet Vanbeckbergen (from the disbanded Leuven-based Grunge outfit EL FUSE). After hearing some rehearsal tracks, Koen Bulens and Sigi Verbeeck got excited about the material and joined them. A four-piece band was formed again, with Sigi replacing Pieter on bass. Their new creation was called CARLOS and, to a certain extent, it continued where MOLEST had left off : a mixture of psychedelica, metalish grooves and stoner rock, more uniform in style this time, and at times straying further from their metal roots than ever before.

In April of 2003 CARLOS recorded a mini-CD, entitled …Talking To Gomez, at the Rockfabriek in Brussels, engineerd and mixed by Allan Muller (METAL MOLLY, SATELLITE CITY). The band’s aim was to find a good record deal, and the Belgian Buzzville Records (run by former MOLEST bassist Patrick Meuris) soon showed interest in releasing a full CD.

Alongside playing regular gigs (including the aftershow of MONSTER MAGNET at the AB in Brussels, in 2004), the band started composing new material and hooked up with longtime friend / producer André Gielen again. A full length album, entitled An Evening With Maria Gomez was recorded and mixed by June 2005. From these sessions, Buzzville Records picked up a rough mix version of the song Shove It, which was released during the autumn of 2005 on the Rock And Roll Boulevard - Volume 1 compilation 2CD, serving as a teaser for CARLOS' upcoming debut album.

However, problems involving the mastering pushed back estimated release dates of the album. Stefaan Daamen (KOOLER, CYCLONE) stepped in to remaster the album, and by July of 2006 the CD, including artwork, was completed. Unfortunately, a new problem arose : for professional reasons, guitarist Piet Vanbeckbergen was scheduled to move abroad (to South Africa) for at least a one-year period as of the autumn 2006. At the end of the summer, the band sat down with Buzzville Records and due to the complications, a consecutive decision was made as to not to release the album. Subsequent try-outs with new guitarists, to cover Piet's departure, proved unsatisfying and CARLOS split up shortly afterwards. Official promo copies were independently distributed, but to this date An Evening With Maria Gomez remains unreleased.

During the CARLOS period, Gert Verbeeck was contacted by Belgian gothic metal band SENGIR, who were in urgent need of a live drummer to perform a concert at De Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland. Things worked out fine. Gert ended up staying with the band for about a year (2003 - 2004), helping them out playing various concerts in Belgium and The Netherlands. When SENGIR found a suitable replacement behind the drumkit, Gert's main focus shifted back to CARLOS and their upcoming studio-work.

The year after CARLOS split up, during the summer of 2007, an electro-project called TJ & VOMITRON took form, with Tom Janssens and Gert Verbeeck teaming up on laptop and guitar, respectively. Initially planned as a one-live-performance-only affair, the duo went on to record 8 demo tracks for two subsequent EP’s, called The Hallway Sessions and Fading Light.

During the summer of 2008, Gert met with singer / songwriter Chris Fragala, who invited him to listen to some material he'd been working on. A new band was formed shortly afterwards, with Chris Fragala (guitar, vocals), Koen Petitjean (bass, vocals), Piet Vanbeckbergen (guitar) and Gert Verbeeck (drums) as the current line-up. Rehearsals started around the autumn of 2008. After a rough start, 2009 has the nameless band working on new songs along the rock vein.

After the CARLOS split-up, bassist Sigi Verbeeck moved to the south of France with his family. Vocalist Koen Bulens is ... still living in Belgium with his family.

As far as the other ex MOLEST members are concerned, original guitarist Koen De Boevé started to work as a sound engineer at the Galaxy Studio’s in Mol, where he worked with bands such as dEUS, ASHBURY FAITH, KENT, JUNKIE XL (including Dino Cazares – of FEAR FACTORY fame - on guitar), HAZEL COLLAPSES and a whole array of other Belgian bands. Later on Koen became a freelance sound engineer, working with NOVASTAR amongst others, and he also produced a bunch of Hardcore and Metal bands, out of which ARK ANGEL is probably the most known. After a period of silence, in December of 2008, Koen started to play in a band again, but unfortunately it’s not in the metal vein.

As mentioned earlier on already, drummer Bart Reinartz left MOLEST in 1994 and joined DREAM MACHINE around September that same year. In late 1994 DREAM MACHINE changed moniker to D.MACHINE and eventually (in early 1997) this morphed into FALLOW. Later on in 1997 FALLOW called it quits and Bart hooked up with two foreigners (an American and an Englishman) and a Belgian bassist called Timmy and started KILLCHAIR, which turned out to be a mixture of Stoner Rock and Pure Dance, in the vein of PRAGA KHAN. After KILLCHAIR came to an end the next year already, Bart gave up on playing drums for the next eight years. As of 2006, Bart is back in business, being the drummer in an alternative Stoner Rock outfit called ME. Their first mCD is set for release in early 2010.

Original bassist Patrick Meuris joined the renewed CRUXMORTIS in the early 1990’s, but by the time they recorded their selftitled 4-song demo in 1994, he had already left the band. Around that time, Patrick was also one of the instigators of Belgian metal magazine Mindview. Later on he started his own record company, Buzzville Records. As of 2009, Patrick bought a new bass and doesn’t rule out the possibility of starting / joining a new band any longer.


1989 : Let Me Out (demo) {Molest, Damnation, Let Me Out, 1 2 Zaufen}

1990 : Looney Tunes From Insania (demo) {Little Brat, Think, Behind The Realms Of Life, Looney Tunes From Insania}

1994 : Promotape ’94 (promo) {Art Of Knowing, Boxed, Hate, Dustened Fragments, Sufferage}

1995 : Milkfish (CD, Progress) {Colours Of Hate, Art Of Knowing, Wrong, Milkfish, Reject, Sufferage, Crashchords, Dig, Mouthfeed, What’s Up}

1997 : Tep Zepi (CD, Urban) {G-Song, S.O.A.K, Morning Man, Bob Morton Made A Mistake, Erehwon, Wok 8, Stolen, About Faces, Helm’s Deep, Sandkings, Influenza, Kaaiman, Hospshop}

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