In early January of 1987 Wim Voss (vocals) and Guido Verbakel (guitar) decided to start a band, and opted for BLACK TROUSERS as a bandname. Nothing much happened until David Vandegoor (guitar) joined the club in late June. Shortly after the guys decided to change the band moniker to MOSHLIM. During the summer of 1987 the (still incomplete) band started to compose its first songs, including the likes of Suicide Society, Air Crash Trash, WC-Avontuur and Medication Time. In mid September, after he had left a band named NOISOME, Diederik ‘Didi’ Knevels joined MOSHLIM as their drummer. By late October the band was finally complete, with the addition of Dominique ‘Dompy’ on bass.

On March 5th 1988 MOSHLIM played its first gig, followed by a couple more the very next month, including one at the Lord in Diest on April 30th. In between the shows the band worked hard to write more songs, with the intention of recording a first demo in the near future. On July 1st MOSHLIM had their first try at recording said demo. What eventually happened with those recordings, I have no clue, but I don’t think they qualified for an official release in the end. MOSHLIM’s first demo (Mosh Till Mecca) was eventually recorded on October 19th 1988. More new songs were composed around Christmas that year : Mr Mosh, Moshlim and 2 Hoeren Op Een Fiets (= 2 Whores On A Bycicle).

In early 1989 bassist Dompy left MOSHLIM for personal reasons. He was replaced within 10 days by Roel Paulussen. On February 25th this new incarnation played its first gig. Four more shows followed within the next month and a half. In fact, after their show at the Onderrock festival in Diepenbeek, a record company by the name of Surprise Records expressed a desire to enlist MOSHLIM. After some negotiations, MOSHLIM decided to sign a deal with Surprise for the release of an EP. As of July 8th the band started to rehearse intensively for a week or two, until the set day for recording arrived. July 20th 1989 was the day : produced by Rubin Powell and engineered by Danny Stevens, the five songs that would be released as the No Rubbish, Do It EP were recorded at D. ST. Studios in Hamont, in just 14 hours. One month later the recordings received their final mix.

The initial release date for MOSHLIM’s first vinyl release was set for September 22nd, but, due to big problems with the record company, that date wasn’t matched. By the end of that same month though the band presented their new bassist : Ronny Driesen. He replaced Roel Paulussen, who would continue a career in music nevertheless. Nowadays Roel can be found as the guitarist (!) in such bands as SOLENOID, SARDONIS and MR. MAMA.

A couple more months passed by, without any word from the record company, until the end of December 1989 : after a show in Herk-de-Stad Surprise Records turned up with the vinyl copies. Too bad the coversleeves weren’t ready at that time … Finally, on February 16th 1990, MOSHLIM’s EP is ready to be sent out to fans and press alike. That’s right : the band received no support from the record company at all, and as a result No Rubbish, Do It was only available directly from the band, and at gigs. And in a few selected stores … During this past period of turmoil, the band continued to write new songs though, such as Son Of A Bathman and Be My Enemy. May 15th 1990 marked the end of MOSHLIM’s contract with Surprise Records.

In August of 1990 drummer Diederik ‘Didi’ Knevels left the band, but he was soon replaced by a guy named Flip. This marked the rebirth of MOSHLIM, as Flip’s double bass style drumming enabled the band to become a more powerful thrash outfit. A gig in support of CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER got cancelled, but MOSHLIM did get the opportunity to support MASSACRE shortly after. New songs were being written too, with the intention of recording a new demo soon. A video for the song The End Of Innocense was shot is well.

On December 15th & 16th 1990 MOSHLIM retreated into the CVM Studio in Maaseik to record five songs (one being a remake of 'oldie' Air Crash Trash) plus an intro. Rumour has it that the No Rubbish, Do It EP was remixed on that occasion as well. A surprise act appearance during a festival in Herk-de-Stad (headlined by Holland’s THANATOS) and a support slot to CYCLONE in Zonhoven concluded 1990 on a high for MOSHLIM.

The The End Of Innocense demo finally saw the light of day during the second half of January 1991. Whatever happened afterwards, I have no clue about. All I know is that guitarist Guido Verbakel joined V.I.P. (VIOLENCE IN PERSON) during the second half of 1991 already. V.I.P. eventually changed their name to BRAINWAVE. BRAINWAVE went on to release a 3-song promo tape (recorded in their rehearsal space) in early 1992, followed by the Flower Of Destruction 3-song demo in December of that same year. Earlier this century bassist Ronny Driesen surfaced in a Hardcore Metal band from Antwerp, called CALDERA, of which he is still a member nowadays.


1988 : Mosh Till Mecca (demo) {Criminal Minded, Tilt, Revenge, Invasion Of The Snobs}

1989 : No Rubbish, Do It!!! (EP, Surprise Records) {Moshlim, Revenge, Bonanzai, No Rubbish Do It, Invasion Of The Snobs}

1991 : The End Of Innocense (demo) {Intro, The End Of Innocense, Drunken Bodies, Napalm Joe, No Time To Waste, Air Crash Trash}

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