NATION emerged onto the scene in September of 1984, hailed from Genk and was the brainchild of guitarist Lorenzo Augusti. Lorenzo started the band together with bassist Domenique Sourbron and the first line-up was rounded out with guitarist Leon Klawitter (ex WESTFALEN), drummer Jos Looyens and vocalist Mike Travis. And since all five members had a different nationality they decided on NATION as a bandname.

Mike Travis left the band after a couple of weeks already and from then on Lorenzo took care of the vocals as well. The next line-up change occured when drummer Jos Looyens was replaced by Alberto 'Berto' Rossi, who was formerly in WESTFALEN. Towards the end of 1985 this quartet line-up recorded a first 3-song demo. A couple of gigs followed soon, one being opening up for WESTFALEN.

In early 1986 bassist Domenique left due to personal reasons and was replaced by the band's former roadie René Vandebroek. More gigs followed, and after a while guitarist Leon called NATION a day as well. The remaining members (Lorenzo, René and Berto) decided to continue as a trio and recorded another demo soon after, around April 1986. The band continued to play live as well, and became one of the first Belgian bands to play at the infamous Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Holland. They also shared the stage with the likes of ASTAROTH, BREATHLESS, LIONS PRIDE and KILLER around that time.

Bassist René Vandebroek wasn't really happy with the band's musical direction and left, only to be replaced by another previous WESTFALEN member in early June of 1986 : Roger Grossard. Roger would only last a couple of months, since he joined SHOAN later on in 1986 already. However, he did participate in recording NATION's third demo. Eric Pieters briefly replaced Roger after he left for SHOAN, but vanished as quick as he came. Drummer Berto threw in the towel as well, leaving Lorenzo all on his own.

Lorenzo then teamed up with drummer Tony Gijbels, and bassist René Vandebroek returned as well. Only to leave again a couple of months later already. Lorenzo and Tony decided to record another NATION demo nevertheless, with Lorenzo handling vocals, guitars and bass in the studio. Needless to say that this duo line-up never performed live.

And still the NATION story wasn't quite over yet. Lorenzo teamed up with guitarist Eddy Vandeberg, bassist Flip Boonen and drummer Mario Goosens and recorded another 3-song demo. Mario Goosens would eventually continue to 'fame and fortune' with the likes of NOORDKAAP, THUNDER, MONZA and HOOVERPHONIC, while Lorenzo was part of a cover band for a couple of years.

By mid 1996 Lorenzo joined forces with former cohort Roger Grossard and female drummer Corina Stokmans in a hard rock band called 3AB (3 AIN'T BAD). This line-up recorded a 4-song demo (including Infinity, Tie Me Up, Love and Remember My Name) in 1996 and performed live for a couple of years. After Roger left, Lorenzo and Corina hooked up with bassist André Kässinger and vocalist Rik Wullaert and morphed into metal outfit STRANGLEHOLD.

Eventually STRANGLEHOLD changed into ARGOS and these days the band is known as CRYI. Besides Lorenzo, Corina and Rik CRYI also includes bassist Gerry Verstreken (ex CHEMICAL BREATH, ex EXCESS OF CRUELTY, ex MANIC MOVEMENT).

Furthermore Lorenzo and Corina started a Rock cover band called THE SPICY KILLERS in the summer of 2004, together with bassist Roxas. And to top things off, Lorenzo and Corina reunited with bassist Roger Grossard as well, in a hard rock band called RED VOODOO. Their live repertoire includes both covers and originals, and a selection of their songs will be released on CD by the end of 2007. Roger Grossard is also part of another cover band these days, called DE SPIKES.


1985 : Demo 1 {Stage, It’s Coming Down, Riding Free}

1986 : Demo 2 {Queen Of Rock, Hellfighters, Freedom, High Speed}

1986 : Demo 3 {Dangerzone, Empire, Heavy Metal Sound}

1987 : Demo 4 {Nation 4, Crying Eyes, Time Lover, Forever Gone}

1988 : Demo 5 { ? }

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