OVERDOSE (L - R : Frank Clauwers, Willy Coenen, Francis Piccart, Herman Van Dender, Jos Van Geit) (picture provided by Jos Van Geit)


OVERDOSE, from Brussels, arose onto the scene as OVERDRIVE in October of 1981. Due to a Dutch band by the same name being around already, they had to change their moniker soon. Their early line-up included Jos 'Michael' Van Geit (vocals & guitar), Willy 'Tall' Coenen (guitar), Herman Van Dender (bass) and Francis 'Cisse' Piccart (drums). During 1982 they enlisted a female vocalist named Trea for a couple of months, but as things didn't really work out with her the search for a new vocalist continued. In early November of 1982 they finally settled on Frank 'Frakke' Clauwers. Frank had been the band's roadie for the past year already. Early on in OVERDOSE's career they only had like three originals. Besides they played covers by the likes of M.S.G., GIRLSCHOOL, RORY GALLAGHER and even PAT BENATAR. By late 1982 though they had gotten rid of almost all covers (except for M.S.G.'s Armed & Ready and UFO's Doctor, Doctor) and had augmented their amount of originals to about ten, including Overdose, Man From Earth, Love Extinguisher, Rock 'n' Roll Fate, Goodnight and I Ain't Ready For Love. Towards the end of 1983 OVERDOSE ceased to exist and Jos Van Geit formed TRAIN.



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