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This band from the Herenthout area started out in February of 1983, as a quartet. The originators were guitarist Freddy 'Destructor' Mylemans and bassist Jan (Jakke) 'The Fierce' 't Seyen, and they were soon joined by Herman 'Messenger' Cambré on vocals and … Herman 'Knighthammer' Cambré on drums. That's right … two different people by the same name … And they weren't even related ... What a coincidence.

In April of 1983 PARIAH was ready for their first gig, which consisted of 10 original songs plus two covers. Later on in 1983 the band recorded a first demo, a six-song affair entitled Satan's Revenge. Shortly thereafter New Renaissance Records became aware of the band (thanks to Gene Khoury) and intended to release PARIAH's song Satan's Revenge on their upcoming Metal Magic compilation LP. In the end it turned out that the name of said compilation was changed to Satan's Revenge and that the PARIAH tune only surfaced as one of the bonus tracks on the cassette version.

In October 1984 the band acquired Frans De Boeck (ex ZEUS) as their second guitar player. As a matter of fact Frans approached PARIAH himself, asking if they didn't need a second guitarist, as he wasn't feeling comfortable in ZEUS any longer. The first PARIAH gig with Frans was on December 8th 1984 in Heist-op-den-Berg, with GIANT FLUSH in support. The setlist is said to have included familiar songs (Androids, In The Realm Of Death, Lady Ice, Pariah, Satan's Revenge), two JUDAS PRIEST covers (The Green Manalishi being one of them), as well as plenty of new material, such as Witchhunt, Master Of Evil, Hungry Howls, Sworn By The Sword and the instrumental A Planet Is Rising.

In August 1985 two more songs were recorded, at the Nightingale Studio in Berchem. Together with two songs from the first demo, these were released as the Evil Wings demo. The line-up had remained unchanged, although Frans De Boeck was mentioned as 'session guitarist' on the sleeve. By this time the band had written several other original songs as well, including Black Rites, Sinner and On The Gallows. PARIAH also participated in the Heggerock II festival in Poederlee during the summer of 1985, being third on a line-up that also included BLACK SHEPHERD, POWERAID, XIRONIX, GIANT FLUSH, VICTIM and Holland's headliners RED DRAGON.

On Saturday September 21st 1985 PARIAH participated at the Giants Of Metal festival at Zaal Lux in Herenthout, alongside the likes of XIRONIX, EL LOCO, EXPLORER, TRIAL and headliners BLIND FURY. In fact, IRON GREY and OSTROGOTH were initially set to play on this occasion as well, but they were replaced by EL LOCO and BLIND FURY respectively. The band also had a fanclub in those days, based out of Zandhoven. Towards the end of 1985 Frans De Boeck decided to leave the band in order to start his own outfit, LEGENDS, but he made sure to help find a suitable replacement first : enter Patrick Hendriks. Patrick was eventually replaced by Jan Geerts in December of 1986.

Earlier on in 1986 PARIAH had displayed some more live activity as well. On January 18th they replaced BATTLECRY at the last minute on the bill of the 2nd Battle Of Death festival at De Kriekelaar in Schaarbeek. The complete line-up on that occasion was as follows : RED DAWN, AXEL, PARIAH, EXPLORER, CYCLONE and headliners BAD LIZARD. On May 31st PARIAH were the openers at the Spettel Metal festival in Tienen. The other bands that day were BLACK SHEPHERD, EXPLORER, BREATHLESS and headliners CYCLONE. Three more bands (HELL ABYSS, BATTLECRY and BLACK WIDOW) were initially enlisted to perform as well, but by the time that the festival date approached all three had ceased to exist. Which was beneficial to PARIAH, as they weren't set to play originally.

Another festival appearance followed on Saturday June 28th, as part of the Whiplash festival, once again at De Kriekelaar in Schaarbeek, sharing the stage with BLACK SHEPHERD, SABOTAGE, TROJAN, ONSLAUGHT and JOSHUA. Both ONSLAUGHT and JOSHUA weren't originally scheduled to perform at this festival, but they were asked to fill in for HEIR APPARENT and SAVAGE GRACE, after those American bands decided to cancel quite a few of their European tourdates, due to poor advance sales in Germany. And on August 16th 1986 PARIAH was present at the Keiheuvel in Balen, alongside NATION, CYCLONE, TAILS BLUE, BLACK SHEPHERD, EXPLORER and INQUISITOR.

In March 1988 bassist Jan 't Seyen died in a car crash. An already planned gig at Zaal Lux in Herenthout on April 16th 1988 was completed with the assistance of befriended bassist Wim 'Wouwie' Wouters (TAILS BLUE), while the search for a new bass player continued. In the meantime though, two other PARIAH's that had been around for a while already had released their debut albums : the U.S. version (from Florida) released Take A Walk via Dutch label Moshroom Records, while the U.K. version (formerly known as SATAN) released The Kindred through Germany's Steamhammer Records. This, combined with the misfortune of having lost one of the band's founding members, made the remaining members decide that a bandname change was in order. And thus PATRIARCH was born.


1983 : Satan's Revenge (demo) {In The Realm Of Death, Pariah, Lady Ice, Androids, Satan's Revenge, Castle Of Darkness}

1985 : Satan's Revenge released on Satan's Revenge compilation cassette (New Renaissance Records)

1985 : Evil Wings (demo) {Lake Of Fire, Evil Wings, The Realm Of Death, Lady Ice}

Evil Wings - demo (frontcover)

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