Out of the ashes of PARIAH came PATRIARCH. This namechange came about after original PARIAH bassist Jan 't Seyen died in a car crash in March of 1988. Besides, two other PARIAH's that had been around for a while already had released their debut albums in the mean time : the U.S. version (from Florida) released Take A Walk via Dutch label Moshroom Records, while the U.K. version (formerly known as SATAN) released The Kindred through Germany's Steamhammer Records. Reason enough for PARIAH to change their name to PATRIARCH sometime in mid 1988. The new moniker was pretty similar to the old one, and besides it tied in perfectly with the nature of their fantasy style lyrics.

Still without a bassist the (now) quartet decided to record another demo. Comprising of three new tunes and a live version of a previously unreleased song, 3 was completed around September of 1988. As a matter of fact that live version of Forsaken Wisdom originated from the last gig (at Zaal Lux in Herenthout on April 16th 1988) they did as PARIAH, earlier in the year, with the help of temporarily bassist Wim 'Wouwie' Wouters (TAILS BLUE). And the bassparts on the three studio songs were shared by both guitarists, Freddy Mylemans and Jan Geerts. At that point in time the PATRIARCH line-up also included vocalist Herman Cambré and drummer Herman Cambré. And although they both had the exact same name, they weren't related whatsoever.

In October of 1988 a permanent bassist was found in Paul Verboven. The new demo was sent around to various record companies, and it looked as if the band were to release their debut LP via New Renaissance Records at first, but in the end Germany's Shark offered the best deal. A deal for two releases was signed with Axel Thubeauville's label in October of 1989.

Earlier on in 1989 (on May 20th to be exact) PATRIARCH had played a show at JH Kameleon in Eindhout-Laakdal, preceeded by locals GODSEND and THYRUSS, and prior to headliners DEAD SERIOUS. On that occasion the band displayed a mixture of familiar songs (Lake Of Fire, Castle Of Darkness, Forsaken Wisdom) and tunes from the upcoming debut release (Dance, Children Of The Moon, Prophecy, Father Kreator, Pilgrims Of The Dark Age). In addition there was also Behind The Gate Of Doom (only released on the 3 demo) and a cover of ANTHRAX's Madhouse. And due to popular demand they had to play Lake Of Fire once again as an encore.

The recordings for PATRIARCH's debut were done in between January and August of 1990. In fact, the bass and drum parts were recorded January 12th through 16th, while the remaining stuff (guitar parts, solos and vocals) was added during various weekend sessions. The reason being that all members had a fulltime job, and it was too hard to take time off. The recordings for Prophecy took place at the R.A.S.H. Studio in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, with Uli Pösselt and Bodo Schönberg. The release of Prophecy was set for December 1st 1990, but was postponed until early January the next year. In between the recordings, on May 26th 1990, PATRIARCH were the opening band of a small festival at Zaal Ped in Beerse. The rest of the line-up that day included MASSACRA, CYCLONE, MURPHY'S LAW, TANKARD and SEPULTURA.

In April of 1991 vocalist Herman Cambré decided to leave the band (after only three gigs in support of Prophecy), due to lack of motivation. His replacement came in June already, in form of Erik Rinkes (ex CRIMINAL JUDGE). In September that same year guitarist Jan Geerts left as well, in order to concentrate on a solo project. He was replaced by Jan Van Bulck (ex LEGENDS) in December of 1991.

With this new line-up PATRIARCH enterred the T & T Studio in Gelsenkirchen for two weeks (February 24th – March 8th 1992) for what was to become the follow-up to Prophecy. Everything was recorded by Wolf Stack and Thomas Sehringer, and the mixing was once again courtesy of Ulli Pösselt at R.A.S.H. Studio.

Shortly after the recordings of World Within Worlds drummer Herman Cambré decided to leave PATRIARCH as well. Reason being that he was persuing a professional drumming career, both as a session drummer as for other bands. Which worked out well, considering that he's the permanent drummer for Belgian's top pop & rock band CLOUSEAU these days. Besides he also played with the likes of Arno and BLUE BLOT, plus several others. In August of 1992 a new sticksman was found in Luc Seeuws (ex LEGENDS).

World Within Worlds was initially set for release in September of 1992, a date which was postponed due to Rock Power (Shark) Records changing distribution companies. Besides there were problems with the cover design, resulting in another delay. The original design that Rock Power came up with was disapproved by the band. The band found a suitable design in the Picture Library in England, but had to pay for it themselves. Luckily they could use the painting free of charge in the end. And as a result, World Within Worlds finally saw the light of day on February 8th 1993, almost a year after the recordings had begun! The official release party was on February 6th at JH De Bogaard in Geel, with Holland's LOST IN MISERY being the support act.

After drummer Luc Seeuws was replaced by Frank Dresselaers the band decided to record another demo. Four new songs were recorded at The Field in Rijkevorsel, a 16-track facility, in November of 1995. Luc Seeuws later joined SOULSTEELER and these days he's the drummer for CRUSADER.

Towards the beginning of 1996 the band had undergone a couple more line-up changes : guitarist Jan Van Bulck had been replaced by Leslie 'Les' Van Tendeloo, while Jeroen Lemmens (ex EXTERMINATOR) had replaced bassist Paul Verboven.

In November of 1998 Jeroen Lemmens left PATRIARCH and Denis 'Borre' Van Tendeloo (ex ANTIBODY and brother of Leslie) was willing to help the band out as a temporary replacement bassist. Especially as PATRIARCH were set to record 4 songs during the last weeks of 1998 : Psychic Wars was recorded at the 71 BeLOW studio in Kasterlee, Belgium with producer Gunter Goosens, while the remaing three tunes were captured at the Audio Art Studio in Aichtall, Germany, with producer Roman Schönsee. These four songs were released in early 1999 as the Deity mCD, on Germany's Output Music.

In order to promote Deity adequately several gigs were played, still with 'Borre' on bass. Eventually 'Borre' became a permanent member of the band. During the Fall of 1999 PATRIARCH did a couple of shows together with Brazilian metallers HIBRIA. HIBRIA came over to Europe to promote their Against The Faceless demoCD on that occasion. A tour that in the end included 22 dates, in such countries as Belgium, Holland and Germany, but also Poland and the Czech Republic. PATRIARCH also played a show with ANNIHILATOR, DOUBLE DIAMOND and OVER KILL in those days. And besides playing support to BEYOND THE LABYRINTH at JH Dido in Erpe-Mere on May 13th 2000, PATRIARCH also shared the Biebob stage in Vosselaar with the likes of WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT, AFTER ALL and SHADOWKEEP on May 25th 2000.

The next PATRIARCH release was an appearance on a limited edition (300 copies) split red vinyl 7'' together with fellow Belgians AFTER ALL. PATRIARCH's track was called Inside and it was recorded with the same line-up that had recorded the Deity release. The split 7'' was released in 2000 on manager Geert Baelus' CanniBaelus Records.

In the beginning of 2001 'Borre' Van Tendeloo decided to leave the band, in order to focus on his two other bands. One of those was (is) a death metal outfit called ORDEAL. A long search for a new bassplayer began. At the end of that same year a new bassist was found at last, when Tweeva (DOUBLE CHECK, ex CRIMINAL JUDGE, ex AGGRESSIVE CULTURE) was enlisted. Unfortunately drummer Frank Dresselaers decided to leave the band shortly after as well. A replacement for Frank was found in October of 2002, when Rob Martin (COOPERATE) joined PATRIARCH. New songs were written as well, including the likes of Black Harvest and Chronology, which saw the band move into an even more powerful and heavier direction.

On August 30th 2003 PATRIARCH played a show at JH Tydeeh in Mol. The occasion was the CD presentation of CRUSADER. And the opening bands were CARDANIA and WIX. In December of 2003 it was announced that guitarist Leslie Van Tendeloo was leaving PATRIARCH, due to his too busy schedule. These days Leslie is a member of ORDEAL, in which he teamed up with his brother 'Borre' once again.

In 2004 PATRIARCH played live twice : on April 2nd as part of IN-QUEST's Scorched Fest at Peir Oan in Mol, and one week later (April 9th) during SCARRED MIND's CD presentation at Zaal Volkshuis, once again in Mol. On both of these occasions Leslie was still helping out on guitar, as the search for a new permanent guitarist continued.

Nevertheless the band started the recordings for a new demo. All went well until vocalist Erik Rinkes left the band. A new vocalist was soon found in Ortwin Lietaert (ex ORTHANC, ex THE COLONY). Drummer Rob Martin also left and was replaced by Kris 'Krikke' de Bie. In turn Kris also brought along a guitar player from his former band : Ronny Clé. At long last PATRIARCH's line-up was complete again and the recordings for the demo continued.

In the end the recorded songs turned out to be Rage Of Gods, Black Harvest, Mimicry, Entranced and a revamped version of At The Warlord's Command. The demo was recorded at guitarist Freddy's homestudio and mixed by Nik Mettez. The artwork and new bandlogo are courtesy of Dirk Vollon, from Harbinger design.

The band intended to use this demo to attract label interest and for other promotional purposes. Even more recent stuff had been written in the meantime as well, such as The Visitors and Legion. All of the new stuff was set to be presented during the band's upcoming live gigs.

Speaking of live activity : the band was rather active towards the end of 2005. The first gig was at Den Auwel in Vorst-Laakdal on October 8th, playing in between SOULSTEELER and Dutch headliners VORTEX. On November 18th PATRIARCH played at De Dolle Maagd in Nijlen, and one week later (on November 26th) they were second on the bill at JH Tydeeh in Mol, in between CONTRADICTION and SCARRED MIND. And on December 28th PATRIARCH were the headliners at the Huirtuitival festival in Herenthout.

On May 27th 2006 PATRIARCH played at Rock Avenue in Mol, alongside SCARRED MIND and COOPERATE. And on September 22nd 2006 PATRIARCH were part of Nico's 5th Anniversary Party at De Hut / Lazarus in Leiden, Holland, alongside MAID OF IRON, ROSIE, FOOL'S GOLD, WRECKING CREW and ROYAL DUTCH ROCK FORCE.

On March 24th 2007 PATRIARCH ventured off to Route 13 in Noorderwijk (Herentals), together with BLACK DEATH and SCARRED MIND. On April 7th 2007 PATRIARCH were part of the Olen's Rockfest, at 't Dorp in O.L.V.-Olen. PATRIARCH were on stage as the fifth band on that occasion, being preceeded by BLACK DEATH, SHADES OF GREY, COOPERATE and ORDEAL, and followed by BATTALION, THE LORDS OF INDIFFERENCE, PANCHRYSIA, AXAMENTA and headliners AFTER ALL. And on May 12th 2007 PATRIARCH were the runners-up at the Extreme Weekend festival at JH Zoezel in Zoersel, prior to headliners AXAMENTA.

As of July 2007 PATRIARCH are still without a record deal and most likely they will go ahead and record a full-length CD on their own, as they have plenty of new songs completed.


1988 : 3 (demo) {Behind The Gate Of Doom, Dance Children Of The Moon, Father Creator, Forsaken Wisdom (live)}

1991 : Prophecy (LP/CD, Shark Records) {At The Warlord's Command, Dance Children Of The Moon, Shadowland, Father Kreator, Castle Of Darkness, Kmar-Q-Luque/Island Of Insanity, Prophecy, Pilgrims Of The Dark Age}

1993 : World Within Worlds (CD/Rock Power Records) {Leviathans, The Watching Eye, Lady Of The Lines, Steleas Of Ghorfa, World Within Worlds, Decadence Within, Burning Grounds, Forsaken Wisdom, Strange Reality}

1995 : 1995 (demo) {Parade Of Fools, The End Of The Day, I Machine, Changing Matter}

1999 : Deity (mCD, Output Music) {Hatred, Enigma, How Far, Psychic Wars}

2000 : Inside released on a limited (300 copies) red vinyl split 7” (CanniBaelus Records) (with AFTER ALL's No Recollection on the flipside)

2005 : Black Harvest (mCD, Patriarch) {Mimicry, Black Harvest, Rage Of Gods, Entranced, At The Warlord's Command}

2008 : Mankind – The Virus (CD, Patriarch) {The Visitors, Mankind – The Virus, How Far, Drowning In Madness, No-One Wins, Broken White, Rise Of A Nation, Enemy, Inside, Legion}

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