Although POWER was based out of Wallonia's Liège, their line-up didn't include a single native Belgian. In early 1983 their line-up read like this : vocalist Sid Mory (from Italy), guitarists Jerry Hays (U.S.A.) & Ed. Palau (Spain), bassist Kuo Ching Tong (China) and drummer Steve Hays (U.S.A.). Or maybe it was all just a gag, and they were in fact all Belgian ... Who knows? Over the course of three days in March 1983 (5, 16, 19) they recorded and mixed Good Time Tonight, which surfaced on the Metalmania compilation LP. Just like all other bands on that compilation, POWER participated in the Metalmania festival that coincided with the release, and which took place in Charleroi. Afterwards they toured with labelmates WAX PYTHON as well.


1983 : Good Time Tonight released on Metalmania compilation LP (KP's Records)

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October 4th 2006

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