POWERAID was created in 1983 after guitarist Rudi Schrijvers had left POWER '81 in late 1982. The line-up consisted of Rudi and Frank Debacker (guitars), vocalist Cel Sprangers, bassist Wics Rombouts, drummer Guido Schrijvers and keyboardplayer Ludo Verbeeck.

Several POWERAID gigs took place in 1983, including such places as Westmalle (at 't Zaaltje, June 24th, with BLIZZARD), Vosselaar (July 3rd), Minderhout (at Parochiezaal, July 16th), Herenthout (at De Kat, September 17th) and Beerse (at Lambeer, November 26th).

More live activity followed in 1984, in Herentals (at Odeon, January 14th), and Vorselaar (at Parochiezaal, April 28th). On June 30th 1984 POWERAID played at the Boskant venue in Minderhout, supported by TRIAL. On October 7th 1984 POWERAID returned the favour by acting as the support band for TRIAL at Zele's J.C. Juvenes venue.

On November 30th 1984 POWERAID recorded a 2-song demo at Top Studio in Gent.

On January 19th 1985 POWERAID made a return visit to De Kat in Herenthout and on August 3rd 1985 POWERAID was part of the Hegge Rock II festival in Poederlee, alongside BLACK SHEPHERD, PARIAH, XIRONIX, GIANT FLUSH, VICTIM and Dutch headliners RED DRAGON.

Shortly after Frank left and was replaced by former GIANT FLUSH guitarist Chris 'Stappie' Verstappen and the band decided to change their name to THORAX in September of 1985.


1984 : Demo {To Hell With Tomorrow, Break The Rules}

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