QUASIMODO wasnít a real band : it was a one-man-project by former AMBUSH drummer Filip "Flip" Boonen. In fact, QUASIMODO was primarily created to help Flip find other guys, and to convince them to start a new band.

The Nothing New demo was recorded over the course of just 10 hours at a 4-track studio. Obviously the sound quality didnít turn out to be the best, but the instrumental songs all clearly showcase Flipís musical abilities. Not just as a drummer, but also on guitar and bass. Not really surprisingly, as Flip had already played bass in NATION before as well.

As the title implied, and for those familiar with Flipís previous work in AMBUSH, it didnít come as a surprise that these new tunes were clearly in the progressive speed / thrash vein.

Around the same time, Flip also had another project going on, called BEANS. And circa mid 1990 Flip would become the guitarist in EXOTO, a death / thrash outfit.


1988 : Nothing New (demo) {Yperite Of Freedom Ė Quasimodo Ė Nasavovo Ė Nothing New Ė Little Triole Ė Notre Dame}

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