SHELL SHOCK (L - R : Danny 'Ion Toyton' Van Poucke, Tim 'Umsi Bumsi' Suttels, Koen 'Doctor Moonshine' Temmerman)




1987 : Hitting Hard (demo) {Hitman, Leave Me Be, Mr. President, Gonna Be Your Babysitter}

1987 : It Takes Three To Rock (demo) {Intro, Born To Live, Solitaire, No Way, Play Dirty (On Me), The Look Of Things, Outtro}

1990 : Die For Allah (LP, Alcatraz) {Ayatollah, Nail You Down, Solitaire, Knock Out, An Eye For An Eye, Dog-tag Boogie, (I Don't Believe In) Fairy-tales, Fired Up, Mr. President, Kick Below The Belt, Barfly}

1991 : Gorby's Coming, Good & Loud and Code Of Silence released on Breaking With Tradition compilation LP (Alcatraz)

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