Female fronted quartet SYRINX hailed from West-Flanders and started out in 1988. By late 1990 SYRINX's line-up included Heidi Duyck (vocals), Hans Six (guitar), Johan Teirlinck (bass) and Dave Robichez (drums). On January 12th 1991 SYRINX played at 't Kapelleken in Aalst, alongside PATRIARCH and RAMSES.

With this line-up the band also headed to the Tango studio in Eindhoven, Holland to record a couple of songs that were set to be included on a Belgian bands only compilation LP. SYRINX's songs were produced and engineered by Henk Jansen and three of them landed a spot on the Breaking With Tradition compilation LP, which was released on the small and obscure Alcatraz label in early 1991. Other bands on said compilation were CATWEAZEL, RAHWAY and SHELL SHOCK.

On April 27th 1991 SYRINX was part of the official release party of the Breaking With Tradition LP at the Democrazy in Gent. In fact, the initial official release party was planned to be held at the Dynamo Club in Eindhoven, but had to be cancelled at the eleventh hour.

What happened with SYRINX afterwards, I have no clue ... Fact is that guitarist Hans 'Hanz' Six surfaced in YOSH in the early 1990's. And both Hans and vocalist Heidi Duyck joined forces again in 1999, in a band called MARSTA BLASTA. Drummer in that band was former BUZZARD guitarist and YOSH drummer Steve 'The King' Deceuninck. MARSTA BLASTA released one CD in 2001 : Recalling From Space. Also in 2001 Heidi and Hans started another band : HOT STUFFF.

These days Heidi Duyck is part of an ANOUK tribute band, called NOBODY'S WIFE. And Hans is still the guitarist in HOT STUFFF.


1991 : Hit Back, Fatal Fact and Don't Give Up released on Breaking With Tradition compilation LP (Alcatraz Records)

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