THE ROGERS (L - R : Patrick Van Camp, Walter Huybrechts, Werner Van Camp) (picture provided by Werner Van Camp)


THE ROGERS, who got their name from the aviation term 'roger-over', were a trio from Kapellen, in the province of Antwerp. Patrick Van Camp (aka Moses / vocals and bass) and his brother Werner (aka Strato / guitars) started out by jamming in the garage with friends in mid 1980 and went through several drummers before they finally settled on Paul Van Der Mast (aka Samson) in late 1981. For Patrick and Werner THE ROGERS was their first ever band, while Paul had been in a hard rock cover band called O.C.M.W. before.

In early 1982 THE ROGERS entered Humo's Rock Rally '82 talent contest and as such they played live at the Parochiezaal in Wortel on March 27th 1982. On June 20th 1982 THE ROGERS performed at De Kwast in Puurs.

On June 22nd 1982 THE ROGERS recorded a 4-song demo at the Blitz studio in Antwerp. And on July 3rd 1982 THE ROGERS played in Wildert.

Contrary to what was written in the press in those days, they never really intended to release a 7" (featuring Metal King and Spit Your Own Blood) at all. In the end they opted to release Metal King and Girls On The Run on a 12", on the band's own Iron Records, in late August 1982. After all, a 12" was more of an eyecatching thing compared to a 7". Produced, arranged and mixed by Nico 'Nic The Rooster' De Haan, and recorded at Studio Etiquette in Zandvliet, these newly recorded versions are a cut above the demo versions, as they are a lot heavier, although the overall sound isn't the best.

As a result the reviews were rather mixed. Holland's Aardschok magazine described the 12" as 'a VENOM 7" played on 33 RPM', which wasn't the most accurate description. Indeed, THE ROGERS had this leather and chains image and claimed to be influenced by the likes of TYGERS OF PAN TANG and MOTÖRHEAD. And indeed, both Spit Your Own Blood and See The Light are reminiscent of early TYGERS OF PAN TANG.

According to Werner Van Camp only 1500 copies of the Metal King / Girls On The Run 12" were made. And the reason for including only two songs in stead of, say, four was that Studio Etiquette was rather expensive.

To promote their 12" THE ROGERS started to play more frequently from October 1982 onwards, in such places as Kalmthout (at Gorio, October 2nd), Sint-Niklaas (at 't Landhuis, October 7th) and Zandvliet (at Jagersrust, October 23rd). Their live repertoire in those days also included the likes of Riding Free, Eyes Of Steel and the instrumental Nightrider. Plus covertunes of Grinder (JUDAS PRIEST) and Wild Thing (THE TROGGS).

By late November 1982 drummer Paul Van Der Mast was out of the band. According to Werner, Paul simply wasn't a good enough drummer for the band. Paul was soon replaced by Walter 'Sultan' Huybrechts, who was ex EXPLOSION, ex SPLENDID and ex BADGE. The band had seen Walter play with one of his previous bands (as support to Holland's NORMAAL) and were impressed by his drumming abilities right from the start. The band's first gig with this new line-up was in Zandvliet, once again at Jagersrust, on December 11th 1982. Around this time THE ROGERS had started a fanclub as well.

Plans for a short tour of The Netherlands were made, once Walter would've been settled in for good. Unfortunately Walter decided to leave THE ROGERS again pretty soon, just when plenty of those gigs had already been booked. Patrick and Werner were totally disillusioned as a result, and just decided to let THE ROGERS come to an end, instead of searching for yet another drummer. And as a result their plans to record a mLP or LP (to be entitled Death Wish) never materialized either ...

Both Patrick and Werner did however turn up in a band called TCM (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) later on. And eventually Werner joined STALLION as well.

THE ROGERS (Werner Van Camp) (picture provided by Werner Van Camp) THE ROGERS (L - R : Patrick Van Camp, Werner Van Camp) (picture provided by Werner Van Camp)


1982 : Demo {Metal King, Spit Your Own Blood, Girls On The Run, See The Light}

1982 : Metal King (12", Iron Records) {Metal King, Girls On The Run}

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