THUNDERLORD was a young outfit from Leuven that started out in early 1984. Very little is known about this band, except for the fact that their first ever was on June 2nd 1984 at the Lido in Leuven, when they opened for CYCLONE (their first ever gig as well!) and ACID. As a matter of fact this gig was organised by the ACID Army fanclub and TOTAL BLUR fanzine. From what I heard THUNDERLORD's performance during their maiden gig wasn't the best. They only played five songs that day, one of them being a cover version of MANOWAR's Battle Hymn.

Shortly after their maiden gig THUNDERLORD broke up again already. In fact, the band was resurrected a couple of weeks later, after having acquired a new, better vocalist, and they decided to change the bandname as well. From then on THUNDERLORD was known as XIPHOID.



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