Hi there! Let me welcome you to the DEN OF INIQUITY website. Up next Iíll try to give you a short rundown of whatís the purpose of this website, and what you can expect to find here.
As some people may already be aware of, DEN OF INIQUITY fanzine has been around since 1997 already. The fanzine is a small, periodic underground one, dedicated entirely to my own personal tastes in metal. My favourite genres include Doom, Speed, Power, Progressive, Thrash & Heavy metal, as well as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. And the emphasis is always on the underground bands, for they need more support than all those already established bands. Genres I despise include Glam, Grunge, Black, Death, commercial A.O.R., Hardcore, Punk, Ö
One thing Iíd like to stress is that I do not intend to quit the fanzine, now that there is www.denofiniquity.be as well. My main intention with the website is to use it as a tool to promote the fanzine, not to replace it! Besides, the website is the ideal way to present interviews, reviews, etc. that were originally included in the earlier issues of the fanzine, and that are now out of print. And since I donít intend to have more copies printed, at least hereís a chance to still have access to most of the interviews & reviews.
Exclusive to the website are the concert reviews. From now on the CD reviews will surface on the website as well. Thereís a few reasons for doing so : 1) the bands will get more exposure via the website, as opposed to the fanzine. And thatís what it is all about : trying to support the bands, and give them as much exposure as possible. 2) by putting the reviews on the website I will be able to have them out to the public way earlier. If I was to include the reviews in the fanzine only, some bands would have to wait several months before their review appears. 3) Iíve been receiving a lot of promotional items for review lately, not all of which are suitable for inclusion in the fanzine. You know what I mean Ö black, death, Ö From now on I want the fanzine to be dedicated solely to the genres I like!
It has always been my policy to review all promo copies I received, but this is about to change from now on as well. Meaning that I no longer guarantee to review all of the stuff I receive. If people send me black, death, Ö stuff, chances are that I will no longer review them, for they donít tie in with the general contents of DEN OF INIQUITY, and I canít afford to waste my time reviewing them any longer.
On the other hand, bands & record labels in the realm of Doom, Power, Thrash, Speed, Progressive, Heavy & New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, feel free to send me your stuff; Iíll review it on the website, 100% guaranteed! And the best ones will eventually make it into the fanzine as well, one way or another. My vinyl reviews will remain exclusive to the fanzine though. Then again, once a printed issue is sold out Iíll be sure to post them on the website as well!
Just like the fanzine, this website may be a bit basic, compared to others, but please bear in mind that this is our first try at any such thing. I just hope the contents make up for that. At least there will be plenty more pictures to be enjoyed here, contrary to the fanzine. I urge you to check out the website and let me know what you think of it. Feel free to post something in the guestbook as well. Both positive & negative criticism is appreciated!
Bands, promotors, record companies, Ö please send me your info; Iíll be glad to include it in the NEWS section! Thereís also a WANTED section, so if youíre looking for something (records, CDís, magazines, tapetraders, people, Ö) please let me know and Iíll include your cry for help. Wantlists are welcome as well!
I guess thatís about it for this Eddy-torial. I hope you enjoy your stay, and be sure to come back every once in a while. HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!

EddY Vermeiren (editor)     
Christine Bogaert (webmaster)     

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