TRAIN (L - R : Johan Susant, Rudy De Maeyer, Jos Van Geit, Wannes Reinaertz, Chris De Turck) (picture provided by Jos Van Geit)


TRAIN, a melodic hard rock outfit from Kortenberg, arose from the ashes of INTEGRATED MIND and OVERDOSE. Instigator of it all was ex OVERDOSE guitarist Jos Van Geit, who was looking for people to form a new band in December of 1983. The first two to join forces with Jos were Chris De Turck (guitar) and Johan Reinaertz (drums). A while later the line-up was completed with the addition of Rudy De Mayer (vocals) and Johan 'Wannes' Susant (bass). A couple of weeks later TRAIN was ready to hit the stage for a first time. In May of 1984 Chris Ketelaer replaced Rudy on vocals. With this line-up the band recorded a demo sometime later on in 1984, with all songs being composed by Chris De Turck and Jos Van Geit.

Gigs in Serskamp (at De Witte Hoeve, August 4th 1984, together with ST. JAMES, CROSSFIRE & OSTROGOTH), Aartrijke (at The James, August 25th) and at the Heffens Rockfestival in Heffen (September 1st, alongside EXPORTS and IRON GREY) followed. Other places that TRAIN played at were Kampenhout and Diegem.

By early 1985 TRAIN's style had changed towards a more heavy metal related one and as a result they changed their name into BATTLECRY.


1984 : Demo {Love Exstinguisher, The Concert Hall, A Night Without You, I Ain't Ready For Love}

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