TYFOON was a thrash metal outfit from Genk (Limburg) and they first started out in August of 1983. The originators were guitarist Lou Daems and vocalist/guitarist Ronny Croyenmans. Drummer Edward Jacobs joined forces with the two of them around Christmas that same year, followed early in the new year by another guitarist, Heinz Wietrzy. Heinz's younger brother Udo would eventually round out the band's line-up, joining as a bassist.

A couple of months after this line-up was assembled Ronny left again already, to join one or other unnamed heavy rock band. From then on Lou took over on vocals as well. Due to this change the band's initial style evolved from some kind of power metal to a more thrash oriented one, including some black metal lyrics.

In late 1987 they released a first 4-song demo, The End, which was recorded on four tracks in their rehearsal space and thus produced by the band itself. Both Criminal Death and Curse Of Hate date back to the band's earlier days, and are in the black/thrash vein. The two remaining songs, Gaschamber and the instrumental S.W.N. (Song Without Name), are more of a combination of speed and thrashcore, along the lines of S.O.D.

On November 28th 1987 TYFOON was part of the first Thrash Orgy festival at Geronimo in Rotterdam (Holland), which also included CYCLONE, KILLER FORCE, LUNACY and PESTILENCE.

By early 1992 there had been a couple more line-up changes, resulting in the band switching from being a quartet to a quintet once again. Vocalist/guitarist Lou was replaced by Wim Voss on vocals and Dennis Burkas on guitars. This new line-up recorded a new demo, The Edge Of Violence, on April 25th 1992 in a studio in Overpelt. Production was courtesy of Mark Vrijens and the band. By this time the band had become more of a pure speed/thrash metal outfit, as can be clearly witnessed on the titletrack, Damnation Day and Deadline.

Nothing much was heard from TYFOON after this, except for the fact that the song Edge Of Violence surfaced on a compilation CD in 1993. And on September 4th 1993 TYFOON played in Tienen, alonside the likes of ASPHYXIA, BRAINWAVE and PARALYSIS.

Guitarist Dennis Burkas went on to make a name (and a lot of money along the way) for himself when he became the undisputed 'Porno King' of Belgium, then known as Dennis Black Magic. And earlier this century he returned to the metal scene when he became one of the guitarists of ARACHNICA. Drummer Edward Jacobs joined INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME in 1993 and is still a member of this death doom outfit these days.


1987 : The End (demo) {Criminal Death, Curse Of Hate, Gaschamber, S.W.N.}

1992 : The Edge Of Violence (demo) {The Edge Of Violence, Damnation Day, Deadline}

1993 : Edge Of Violence released on Detonation Vol. 1 compilation CD (Tessa Records)

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