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The origins of VENDETTA go back to 1985, after bassist Geert Catteeuw and drummer Ringo Remmery left SCREAMER. They were soon joined by guitarist Franky Libeert (ex DRAGONFIGHTER), and he in turn came up with Stefaan 'Stef' Deldaele, who became the band's vocalist. Another while later the band was completed with the addition of guitarist Chris Decaesteker, and the band started to write original material. That was around the summer of 1986.

In 1987 Geert was forced to leave VENDETTA due to personal reasons and Chris decided to switch from guitar to bass. A new guitarist was soon found in Chris's cousin, Christophe 'Stoffe' Decaesteker. VENDETTA's first ever gig was on June 27th 1987, in Zwevegem. Several live shows followed and by November 1987 the band was ready to record a first demo.

On November 29th they entered Studio Mix in Kortrijk (Courtray) and self-produced their Season Of The Witch effort. As a result of this demo VENDETTA soon became a household name in the Belgian underground scene. More gigs followed, both in Belgium and Holland, in such places as Sint-Lievens-Houtem (Zaal Pede, January 23rd 1988, supporting CROSSFIRE), Wervik (Zaal Volksbelang, February 6th 1988 at the Stormtroopers festival), Gent (Cadillac, March 12th 1988) and Terneuzen, Holland (Image Club, May 28th 1988).

In mid 1988 vocalist Stefaan left the band and, while auditioning for a replacement, VENDETTA was forced to change their name to ANESTHESY, in order to avoid confusion with the German VENDETTA, who had already released their debut for Noise Records by then. One final VENDETTA show with Stef behind the mike took place in Rotterdam, Holland on October 15th 1988, when they supported EVIL SINNER.


1987 : Season Of The Witch (demo) {Season Of The Witch, Into The Shadows Of Victory, Changes Of Life, Dragonfighters}

Season Of The Witch - demo (frontcover)

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