Actually WICKED MAIDS was nothing else than the continuation of ORACLE. The namechange was a result of the band changing their style from heavy metal to a more glam rock orientated kind of music. The line-up was identical to the last incarnation of ORACLE : Marco Van Houdt on vocals, Dirk Van Roy on guitar, Jan Boogaerts on bass (and additional keyboards) and Luc Van Roy (drums). It should come as no surprise that WICKED MAIDS never recorded any demos, bearing in mind their short existence. They did however open the proceedings at the 2nd Heavy Rock festival in Geel on April 12th 1986. Other bands on that particular bill were WESTFALEN, Holland’s VENGEANCE and German headliners MAD MAX. The band’s setlist that day included such originals as Lady Speed, Dressed To Kill (an old ORACLE song), Heavy Metal and Wicked Maids, as well as a cover version of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Red Hot.

Shortly after WICKED MAIDS ceased to exist, due to a number of reasons : some members continued their studies, others simply changed hobbies, or took on other challenges.

Dirk Van Roy continued to play guitar for a couple more years, albeit more low-profile. His brother Luc started to learn playing guitar as well. Jan Boogaerts married and ever since became a well-known personality in the world of horses. In fact, both Luc and Jan surfaced in a country band called STAMPEDE STRINGS in the 1990’s.



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