One of the more obscure bands to be featured here is without a shadow of a doubt WICKED WIDOW. Simply because they were around for just over two years, and most importantly due to the fact that they never released anything properly. They did however play a couple of gigs, and some of their members would surface in other bands later on.

The original line-up of WICKED WIDOW came together in March of 1982 and consisted of Patrick Vanheyst (vocals), Patrick Vanschooren & Eric Put (guitars), Pierrot Dejeneffe (bass) and Louis Hus (drums). Nothing is known about any bands that these guys were in prior to forming WICKED WIDOW, so itís fair to assume that this was the first outfit for all five of them.

The band played a few gigs in and around their hometown of Beringen, and one support slot to DEEP THROAT in Vosselaar. Whether that was prior to or after a couple of line-up changes occurred, I don't know. Fact is that the rhythm section was replaced at one point in time : bassist Pierrot was replaced by Erik Daniels and drummer Louis by Peter Van Goethem.

It was only a matter of time until guitarist Patrick received an offer from DEEP THROAT to come and join them, as they were on the lookout for an extra guitarist. An offer that Patrick couldn't resist and he finally joined DEEP THROAT in the summer of 1984. And since Patrick was the one and only songwriter in WICKED WIDOW, this meant the end of the band.

Vocalist Patrick Vanheyst continued with music and later surfaced in the likes of ADVANCE, SUSTAIN, SHADOW LAND, and a bunch of other bands. These days he's active in an acoustic entertainment outfit called LES TEKIELAS.

As mentioned earlier on already, guitarist Patrick Vanschooren joined DEEP THROAT, who eventually changed their name to SCAVENGER. Together with DEEP THROAT / SCAVENGER drummer Luc Ebinger, Patrick joined forces with HELLFIRE guitarist Tony De Block for a brief period of time as well, in a project that never had a name. These days Patrick is the manager and roadie for his son Ibanez, who is the drummer in Belgian thrash outfit SCARRED MIND. Other guitarist Eric Put didn't really persue a further career in music, although he kept jamming with Patrick Vanschooren on a regular basis, even to this day. And in 2005 he joined a coverband out of Tessenderlo, called FUZZY MUG.

Unfortunately, original drummer Louis Hus died in the late 1990's, while his replacement at the time, Peter Van Goethem, supposedly lives in Leopoldsburg now. Former bassist Pierrot Dejeneffe seems to have vanished altogether, while Erik Daniels supposedly quit playing and was never heard of again.



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October 15th 2006

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