XES, meaning atmospheric disturbances in space (and SEX reversed!) came to life in late 1985 and was the brainchild of guitarist Clarence Akkermans. Clarence of course had already been a member of TRASH (together with pre-KILLER Spooky on bass / 1978 - 1980), BLACK WIDOW (1981 - 1982), WESTFALEN (1983) and LIONS PRIDE prior to this. After having left the latter, Clarence decided to start yet another band, with the addition of four newcomers to the scene : female vocalist Marty Barbara (Clarence's wife), guitarist Stavros Michelakis, bassist Benny Haenen and drummer Rudy Simons.

The band's first gig was at the first Halloween festival, which took place on June 14th 1986 in Diepenbeek. This festival was organised by Spooky and the line-up, consisting of NATION, WESTFALEN, XES and WHITE HEAT, attracted some 200 people. XES performed a mixture of own, original tunes (Hot As Hell, Metal Tunes, Ain't No Question, Roller Coaster, We Can Rock) and covers, including the likes of Midnight Flight (MOXY), Strong Arm Of The Law (SAXON), Turn It Loud (HEADPINS) and Living After Midnight (JUDAS PRIEST).

One week earlier, on June 6th 1986 to be exact, XES had headed for Joe's Garage studio in Waalwijk, Holland in order to record a demo with the assistance of producer Lats Varga, of VENGEANCE fame. Four songs were recorded (originals We Can Rock, Hot As Hell and Metal Tunes + MOXYs Midnight Flight). The band's original idea was to send this demo out to a couple of record companies, but since the sound quality wasn't up to par, not too many people got to hear that tape. The inferior sound quality being due to lack of time in the studio.

Shortly after the band's performance at the aforementioned Halloween festival bassist Benny Haenen left, and as a result the band had to cancel several gigs. On one occasion Spooky filled in on bass, but that was a one-off affair. At last the band decided on Dimi Michelakis, Stavros' brother, to become their new bassist. With that new line-up the band participated in the Alkatrazz Heavy Metal fesival at the Schaatsbaan in Geel on August 31st 1986, being second on a bill that also included openers NATION, TWILIGHT STONE AND THE BOOGIE BOYS, WHITE HEAT and Holland's VENGEANCE. The band's setlist on this occasion was identical to the one from the Halloween festival, except for a new instrumental tune that was added. It was the band's intention to cut down the number of covers from then on and concentrate more on writing and performing original tunes.

On saturday October 18th 1986 XES, NATION and LIONS PRIDE played at the Posthalt venue in Zutendaal. By November 1986 bassist Dimi was replaced by Eric Schepers and this new line-up decided to record a first, real 3-song demo, which happened on November 2nd 1986. We Can Rock, Powerbreaker and Metal Tunes were recorded at Studio Eight in Genk, with Spooky handling the production duties this time around, in order to avoid another disappointment. More gigs followed : on January 3rd 1987 BATTALION , XES and KILLER performed at the Europahal in Tielt, and on January 31st 1987 XES headlined over BATTALION and SHOAN in Maasmechelen.

The band even managed to venture out of the country on April 11th 1987 : together with SHOAN and KILLER they invaded Scum in Katwijk, Holland. Whatever happened afterwards ... nobody seems to know. Although drummer Rudy Simons joined KILLER later on and recorded the Fatal Attraction LP / CD with them.


- Demo 1986 {We Can Rock, Powerbreaker, Metal Tunes}

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