XIPHOID came to life after THUNDERLORD had ceased to exist, during the summer of 1984. When the former THUNDERLORD members got in touch with vocalist Dirk Rose in September of 1984 they decided to give it another try, and they opted for XIPHOID as a new moniker.

The first XIPHOID gig took place on October 13th 1984 in Elewijt, alongside RAMBLIN' ROSE and CYCLONE. It would last until mid December that same year, after bassist Gerre Van Overloop had left and had been replaced, that XIPHOID was complete for good. The line-up at that time consisted of Dirk Rose (vocals), Dirk Hermans and 'Smos' Peeters (guitars), Marc 'Ely' Elaerts (bass) and Tie Eembeek (drums).

Came January 9th 1988 and XIPHOID went into the Swan Studio in Buizingen to record their first effort, the Trumps Of Doom demo. Produced by Leo Caerts Jr., and recorded and mixed by Leo and Staf ?, the band turned out to be clearly in the heavy metal vein, with definite references to HELLOWEEN. Let's face the fat reality : On The Run is a deadringer for HELLOWEEN's Ride The Sky! Trumps Of Doom was sent to various fanzines and magazines (including Holland's Aardschok) and generally received positive reviews.

A gig to promote the demo took place in March of 1988, resulting in several more bookings. On July 30th 1988 XIPHOID was set to participate in the Hegge Rock '88 festival, alongside, amongst others, Germany's thrashers TANKARD. Last thing I know is that they played together with CROSSHEAD and EVIL SINNER at Zuudhove in Koekelare, on January 28th 1989.


1988 : Trumps Of Doom (demo) {Erotic Sin, Glorious Sacrifice, On The Run}

Trumps Of Doom - demo (frontcover)

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