XIRONIX came to life in November of 1984 but they didn't take off for good until February of 1985, when they finally found a suitable rehearsal room. The original line-up comprised of vocalist Bruno Boeckx, guitarists Koen Verheye and Jan Van Springel (ex SPIRITS CONVENTION, ex FUEL), bassist Jan Wouters (ex SPIRITS CONVENTION, ex FUEL) and drummer Patrick Luyten.

The band's maiden live show was at the Hegge Rock II festival in Poederlee, on August 3rd 1985. On September 21st XIRONIX were the openers of the first Giants Of Metal festival at Zaal Lux in Herenthout, alongside EL LOCO (who replaced IRON GREY), EXPLORER, TRIAL, PARIAH and English headliners BLIND FURY. In those days the band played plenty of songs that would never be recorded properly afterwards, such as Death Sentence, Destruction, Devil's Breath, Persecution and Xironix. A couple of small gigs followed and a first demo was scheduled to be recorded and released in late October of 1985. Which didn't happen in the end, as drummer Patrick Luyten left. Patrick was eventually replaced by Marc Van Dessel towards the end of the year.

In July of 1986 it was time to record a first demo at last. That first effort was mixed, engineered and produced by Marc Hasendonckx and the band, and included Rising Of Star, Love Is Gone and Sword Of Power. On December 19th 1986 XIRONIX supported TAILS BLUE at the Parochiecentrum in Vorselaar.

By 1987 both guitarist Jan Van Springel and drummer Marc Van Dessel had left and were soon replaced by Wim Bruyndonckx and Ivan 'Vanne' Opdebeeck (ex VERMIN, ex PARIA) respectively. Bassist Jan Wouters left as well, and finding an adequate replacement turned out to be a difficult task. By the time that the band's second demo (simply titled 2) was recorded in December of 1988 the band was still bassist-less, resulting in guitarists Wim (on 3 songs) and Koen delivering the bass tracks on that release.

The last sign of life from XIRONIX came in 1991, when they released their third and final effort, the Mystical Places demo. As I'm not familiar with this release, I have no clue as to who was in the band's line-up in those days. Fact is that Ivan 'Vanne' Opdebeeck (who would later surface in the likes of DETROIT, QUICKSAND, SYRUP, DECIBEL, BLUES EXPRESS, RED HOT, LOW DOUGH QUO and BILL & THE WILD MAZIMPAKAZ) was still behind the drumkit. Guitarist on Mystical Places was Kris Heylen (ex TORRENT). Kris would later on in the 1990's surface in DETROIT, QUICKSAND and BLUES EXPRESS as well. Eventually he left Belgium and moved to Spain, where he was part of the band BLUES LABEL.

Nowadays Kris still lives in Spain and is one of the guitarists in THE COUNTRY REVIVAL FARMERS. These days Ivan 'Vanne' Opdebeeck is still the drummer for KILLER, as well as for BLACK JACK and BETWEEN WORLDS. Besides he's also part of CHEVY GIRLS and PANDORA'S BOX.


1986 : Xironix (Demo) {Rising Of Star, Love Is Gone, Sword Of Power}

1988 : 2 (Demo) {Misfit Of Society, Femme Fatale, Why Me?, 11 Bars To Freedom}

1991 : Mystical Places (Demo) {Gilberts Fantasies, Wishful Dreams, Mystical Places, Windows}

Xironix - demo (frontcover)

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