I could trace hardly any info concerning this outfit from the Paal / Beringen area in the province of Limburg. They started out in October of 1981 as a quintet, but the vocalist as well as the drummer left after a while. While the drummer was replaced soon, I have no clue as to if one of the other members took over on vocals as well, or if they just continued as an instrumental quartet from then on.

The band participated in Humo's Rock Rally 1982 talent contest, and as such they played live at Jeugdhuis Jefa in Heusden-Zolder on friday February 2nd 1982.

Fact is that ZYGOMA's line-up by the end of 1982 included Stef ? & Ronny ? (guitars), Ivo ? (bass) and Peter ? (drums). They are said to have played an average of one gig per month and their repertoire included originals only, such as Angel Finger, The Beast, Fat Woman and Lightning.



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