Out now: Unidentified Man - Identify Yourself (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Identify Yourself
02. Dystopia
03. I Wanna Hurt
04. Rhythm Machine
05. Separate Minds
06. Under Control
07. Trouble
08. Darker Days
09. No Emotion
10. Devoid Of Dreams
11. Outcast
12. Check Out
A must have for all you electronic lovers out there, this Belgian one man project brings you 12 of the best minimal wave pearls you have heard in a long time, including guestvocals by Els Van Herck and a collaboration with Chroma Carbon and Tomata Du Plenty. Sleeve design by Peter Mastbooms and mastered by Eric van Wonterghem.

Out now: Parade Ground - Parade Ground (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Moan On The Sly
02. Riddle In The Stained Glass Windows
03. When The Fever Stops
04. Retired
05. This Luxury
06. The Net
07. Took Advantage
08. Moral Support
09. Took Advantage (Short Version)
10. Gold Rush
11. Snake
12. Moans
13. Action Replay
14. Strange World
15. Off Balance
16. The Chosen One
17. Hollywood
18. Hollywood (The Sexiest Fish)
The complete single collection from 1983 untill 1987 including all 18 tracks from the hard to find vinyl releases Moan On The Sly 1983, Man In A Trance 1984, Took Advantage 1985, Dual Perspective 1987 and Strange World 1987.

Out now: Whispering Sons - Endless Party (LP + CD) (Minimal Maximal)
A1. Shadow
A2. Midlife
A3. Time
B1. The Night
B2. Insights
B3. The Wall
01. Shadow
02. Midlife
03. Time
04. The Night
05. Insights
06. The Wall
07. Marble White
08. Tidal Wave
09. Dusk Till Dawn
Whispering Sons, a Belgian post-punk band, their atmospheric sound is dark and ominous and breathes desperation and nervosity.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Out now: Vita Noctis - No Place For You (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Drop The Silence
02. Day By Day
03. Engaged
04. Extreme
05. I Still Believe In A World
06. Kleine Berthold
07. Fragile Life
08. Gorgeous
09. No Place For You
10. Scared
11. Serial Killer
12. Something New (feat. Zoltan Freitag)
Daft Records is extremely proud to present almost 30 years after their 1986 debut 12 inch "Vita Noctis" and the double album "Against The Rule" (2011) wich contains all material released by the band in the 80ties, a complete brand new album from this Belgian duo with 12 outstanding synthpop "old-school" minimal wave tracks, including a collaboration with Zoltan Freitag. Sleeve design by Stephan Barbery and Peter Mastbooms, Co-production by Dirk Ivens and mastered by Eric van Wonterghem.

Out now: Anvil FX - Prova De Biologia (CD) (Daft Records)
01. A Vida De Um Poeta Semi Analfabeto
02. La Machine
03. Diafragma
04. Handsome Cat
05. Moshi Moshi
06. Attitude Spectrale
07. Loro
08. Prova De Biologia
09. Na Tabela
10. Ding Dong
Brasillian Synth duo Anvil Fx includes vocals from multi-instrumentalist and singer Biba Graeff (ex-Jupiter Apple, Space Rave, Plato Dvorak, among others), accompanied by the factory of insanity, Paulo Beto, (ex-Silverblood) producer of electronic music since 1989, returning to his analog electronic industrial roots.

Out now: Suicide Commando - Electro Convulsion Therapy (LP + CD) (Minimal Maximal)
A1. Where Are You Now?
A2. Time
A3. Sheer Horror
A4. Electro Convulsion Therapy
A5. How It Feels
B1. Without Regret
B2. Necrophilia
B3. Close Your Eyes ('93 Version)
B4. Traumatize
B5. Body Bag
01. Where Are You Now?
02. Time
03. Sheer Horror
04. Electro Convulsion Therapy
05. How It Feels
06. Without Regret
07. Necrophilia
08. Close Your Eyes ('93 Version)
09. Traumatize
10. Body Bag
11. Incinerate (taken from "Industrial Rape 2" tape 1991)
12. Resistance (taken from "Crap" tape 1990)
13. Human Contact (previously unreleased, original version on "Into The Grave" tape 1991)
14. Wonderful Machines (previously unreleased 1990)
15. Crawling In Pain (taken from "Black Flowers" tape 1992)
16. Down On Your Knees (taken from "Black Flowers" tape 1992)
17. Into The Grave (taken from "Into The Grave" tape 1991)
18. Symptoms Of Death (taken from "Black Flowers" tape 1992)
It's been exactly 20 years since the first SUICIDE COMMANDO album "Critical Stage" was released on the German Off Beat label. It was the promising start of a long and ultimatily succesful career and today SUICIDE COMMANDO can be easily described as on of THE leading harsh electro acts in the alternative scene. What some of you might not know is that Johan Van Roy still released 9 (!) tapes before releasing his debut album in 1994. "Electro Convulsion Therapy" was the last and without any doubt the most successful tape released in 1993. It already contained the original 4 track recordings of later clubhits like "Traumatize", "Necrophilia" or "Time", but also featured other pearls like "Close Your Eyes", "Sheer Horror" or "How It Feels". "Electro Convulsion Therapy" holds the complete last tape on lp, but also contains a selection of the best songs from the other early tapes released between 1988 and 1992, including several rare songs and even one previously unreleased song as a bonus on the free included cd version, all remastered by Eric Van Wonterghem at Prodam Berlin 2015.

Out now: Volkova - Sangre (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Confusion Is A Good Weapon
02. Camino A Eslovenia
03. So Far From Home
04. Klavnica
05. Waste
06. El Complot Del Arte
07. Klavnica (feat. Mismerizer)
08. Confusion (feat. DAT Politics)
09. Howl
10. Pulsion
11. Birds Of Prey
12. Camino A Eslovenia (feat. Die Perlen)
13. Pulsion (feat. Dante Droid 2600)
14. We Were Soldiers
15. Corrupt
The Argentine duo Volkova presents a combination of synthpop "old-school" not very present today in South America and creates an atmosphere of shadows where the coldness voices envelop the listener and hard beats leave a feeling of having gone through a 55 minutes sound full of darkness. This digipack cd contains the very first limited CDR release "Confusion Is A Good Weapon" , the 12 inch "Silent Howl" plus unreleased material and remixes by Mismerizer, Dat Politics, Die Perlen and Dante Droid 2600 giving it a totally different color and a danceable touch.

Out now: The Happy Hunting Ground / Phantom Limb (Split LP + CD) (Minimal Maximal)
The Happy Hunting Ground - The Happier Hunting Ground
A1. Down
A2. In The City
A3. The Last Virgin
A4. Places
Originally released as 12 inch EP on Anything But Records / Belgium 1985.

Phantom Limb - Dance Of The Guilty
B1. Beast Of Eden
B2. Dance Of The Guilty
B3. Far Sound Of Laughter
B4. Numbered Hills
B5. Deep In Mines
Originally released as 12 inch EP on Sublabel, a division of Torso / Netherlands 1982.

Out now: Various - Deep (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Unidentified Man - Separate Minds
02. Gertrud Stein - Total Normal
03. Minuit Machine - Side Effects
04. Beta Evers - Frozen Breath
05. Jenn Vix - There
06. Moira - Contagio Masivo
07. Simi Nah - No Pain No Gain
08. Nina Belief - Capitulation
09. Transfigure - Alternate Ending
10. Popsimonova - Are You Real?
11. Haze - Hidden Nature
12. Volkova - Criminal
13. Schonwald - Pleiady
14. Sixth June - End Of The Time
15. Dark Poem - Dancing Is More Fun When I Know...
16. Onrust - Hesse
17. Keluar - Eremus (Unturned)
18. S/HE - Who Do You Love?
19. YusYus - Just A Dream
A female oriented electro / wave compilation.
19 unreleased tracks compiled by Dirk Ivens.
Comes in a digipak with a 24 page booklet.

Out now: Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld - Synthax Error (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Redhead Sky
02. Syquest
03. Der Nachtman
04. Terror Rice
05. Buch Stabieren
06. City Loneliness
07. Bunkerkopf
08. Floorlayer
09. Kontrolieren
10. Untkalker
11. Gamebreaker
Attention for the first release of the duo Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld. The Synthax Error Album is currently fresh air in the world of New Wave, Dark Electro and Synth Pop or perhaps a new flow of New Beat. An album that counts 11 tracks, wonderfully woven together by synths, melodies and dark rhythms. In addition, the duo brings an impressive live show with masks, a lightshow and their album will be presented on the 1st May with an exclusive party at the Maaltebrugge castle in Ghent where the album will be also available.

Out now: DRP - Peace Offensive (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Peace Offensive
02. Remain
03. Family
04. Burn Out
05. Make Love
06. Death Adventure
07. Adrenaline
08. Dictator
09. UFO Communication
10. Bleep Jesus
11. Make Love (Hyper Ecstasy Mix)
12. Make Love (Techno Brain Mix)
13. Make Love (Electronoise Mix)
Limited to 300 copies.

DRP, a Japanese EBM band from Sapporo, released their first album "Electro Brain 586" on Body Records / Antler Subway way back in 1990. A second album "PEACE OFFENSIVE" and a 12 inch "MAKE LOVE" where recorded in 1991 but due to label policy's these recordings never saw the light of day. Recently we found these treasures back in our archive and, remastered by Eric van Wonterghem (Monolith / Absolute Body Control), we decided to release both recordings in one Digipak CD, 23 years after the original recording date.

Out now: The Force Dimension - MM020 (LP + CD) (Minimal Maximal)
A1. Tension
A2. Dying Nightlights
A3. Dust
A4. You Essay
A5. All Systems Out
A6. Opera Erotika
B1. Hidden Ambush
B2. Everything Is Mine
B3. Secrets Of Russia
B4. Dust (X-Tended Version)
B5. X-Tension
01. Tension
02. Dying Nightlights
03. Dust
04. You Essay
05. All Systems Out
06. Opera Erotika
07. Hidden Ambush
08. Everything Is Mine
09. Secrets Of Russia
10. Tension
11. Get Into Danger
12. Dust
13. You Essay
14. All Systems Out
15. Opera Erotika
16. Hidden Ambush
17. Everything Is Mine
18. Secrets Of Russia
19. Aqua 2000
20. B.I.O.N.I.C.
21. Menthol
22. 200 FA
A1 to B3 and 01 to 09 originally on the Red Edition, produced by The Force Dimension.
10 to 18 originally on the Blue Edition, produced by Luc Van Acker.
B4, 19 and 20 originally on the Dust 12".
B5, 21 and 22 originally on the Tension 12".

Out now: A Split Second - Stained Impressions (CD) (Daft Records)
01. Resignation
02. Night Closes In (I)
03. Hunger
04. Fade To Black (III)
05. Teargas And Champagne
06. Stained Impressions (V)
07. Neurobeat
08. Short Cut
09. Stained Impressions (II)
10. Eargasm
11. Stained Impressions (IV)
12. Cold Life In The Brainbox
13. The Strip
14. Eye Of The Needle
15. Initiation