Cult Actors: Identified
More often than not it's very hard to find a proper picture of a certain actor and identification is only possible by watching several films and comparing casts. Since this is annoying when trying to compile cast lists for a certain movie, I decided to start making screenshots of actors for future identification.

I do not inted this to be or become a large database at the present time. Mostly due to the fact that the site is html driven and has limited space, it will only contain films I have seen. I do not intend to include a picture of every possible person in a film. Also, if there already many pictures of an actor available on the internet, I will probably leave him out. Furthermore it will mostly feature European actors from the 70s in the horror/exploitation/erotic/western genre since those are the kinds of films I like.

Yes, not all actors featured are cult actors, if you know a better name for the site, let me know.
Under Construction
This site is under construction and can change any time. This site should work in all browsers. If it does not work in IE, I do not care. Use a proper browser like Opera or Firefox.
You cannot hold me responsible for anything that may or may not happen to you because of an actor's misidentification. The pictures on this site do not intend to violate anyone's copyright and are purely for non-commercial use.
If you spot any mistakes, recognize unknown actors or wish to contact me for any other reason, please send a mail to dvdbeaver[at]telenet[dot]be
I'd like to thank all the people that help solving piezes of the puzzle, especially Tom Betts, Johan Melle and Spirito Santo.