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mv Camarque

29-11-1953 launched and 1/1953 completed at WILTON-FIJENOORD(Yard no:734), Schiedam, Holland for

"Sté Française de Transports Pétroliers", Dunkirk

DOXFORD Oil Engine of 7750 BHP, 6 Cylinder 2S.C.SA

mv Canadian Navigator

The Canadian Navigator was built in Great Britain as the Demeterton and went into salt water duty. Over the years, she received several upgrades that increased both her length and cargo capacity. She was sold in 1975 to Upper Lakes Group and moved over to Great Lakes service. Several name changes followed; she became the Canadian Navigator in 1980. Since 1996, she has been to the Twin Ports 31 times, 23 of those trips were before 2001. She made her first trip in season 2009 in August. (September 2009)

DOXFORD: 76JT4, 9680 BHP

mv North Sands
M.V. North Sands Leaving River Wear 1965.available, and the cost per BHP is closely related to the specific weight. The pro-type a nine cylinder 20,000BHP was installed in the M.V. NORTH SANDS a 64,500 ton tanker.

mv Ocean Monarch

(Ex Port Sydney)

Built as "Port Sydney" by "Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson", Newcastle upon Tyne, 1955

1955-1972: Port Sydney, 1972-1975: Akrotiri Express, Greece, 1975-1997 Daphne, 1977-2002 Switzerland, 2002 up till now: Ocean Monarch.

Two 6 cylinder Doxford's, 12200 BHP.

Life as an Engineer on ms Port Sydney.

mv Pioneer

Built as “Canadian Pioneer” Launch date: 16/5/1981
Bulkcarrier: 37448 Ton
Yard: Port Weller Docks, St. Catherines, Yard no: 67
1988 Pioneer

DOXFORD: Type: 760J4CR, 9000 BHP, Year1980

(Still on duty 2010)

Self Unloading System.




The Doxford Seahorse was the result of a joint venture with Hawthorn Leslies. It was devloped as a medium speed engine for land based and marine applications. The engine was much smaller than the 'J' engine, smaller bore, shorter combined stroke but developing the same power/cyl as the 'J' type. Designs available would be 4-7 cylinders, developing 10K-17.5K BHP. It never made production, but various features from the Seahorse were included in the last Doxford design the 58JS.