brugge meebrug

Brugge, Meebrug, oldest bridge in town


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I do not think I have to tell you much about it.

It is very touristy, well known in the whole world and beyond (Venice of the North!).

Cultural with lots of museums (famous for, amongst others, the Flemish Primitives)

bruges flemish primitives

theatres and the canals. The horse-drawn coaches,

very good restaurants (including two 3 star Michelin - though that one is quite expensive - and some more 1 and 2 star restaurants, even in our direct neighbourhood).

Of course our world famous Belgian chocolates,

brugge chocolade

(foto dpm)

our world famous beers (we have a choice of more than 1400 (!) old-traditional brewed Belgian beers!), and so on.

We must not forget to mention the things children like: sea, sand, the dolphinarium, amusement parks, boat trip on the canals, and so on

brugge meebrug

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BRUGGE was chosen, in 1998, by the British readers of The Sunday Times as the second most enjoyable city in the world with 97.2 %

(first was Sydney with 98.6 %; Paris only had 82.8 %).

One of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in Western Europe, with its beguinage, that is one of the 200 UNESCO patrimonies of the world, and the whole inner city is now on that infamous list (including the pyramids of Gizeh, the Acropolis in Athens...) too since Nov 2000.

brugge blinde ezelsbrug

It won prices as one of the cleanest towns in Europe. In summer, we have "Festival of Flanders" with Musica Antiqua,... as well as festivals with pop, rock, blues, world and other kinds of music.


Once a hanseatic world market,

Now the source of the Flemish Art and

unique in Europe:

With its entire inner city classified as world heritage,

Bruges is a lively city but a city for people,

where it is nice to wander in an almost immaculate environment.

brugge kantwerkster

In Bruges you do not have to do anything.

In Bruges you can do almost everything.

Bruges is unique, loves tradition, has charm and offers tranquillity.

Bruges is a city for all seasons.

brugge jeruzalemkerk

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To learn more about museums and other interesting stuff,

see my link site

We live only 15 Km from our (again) well known beautiful sandy beaches. Bruges is also close to Brussels (Capital of Europe), Antwerp (both 1 hour drive), Gent (half an hour drive), a 3 hour drive to Paris (and Disneyland Resort Paris) or the Ardennes

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