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How did the DEEP PURPLE thing start for me?

In 1970, before I was 12, I was not into music. My parents were watching all those music-television programs; and I was going: "oh no! Not singing programs! Not again!"

Sometime after that, I started listening to music; yet The Rolling Stones with Brown Sugar was much too heavy for my likenings. I even was quite into Elvis then.

deep purple pondus

from the Norwegian magazine Pondus

The first single-records I bought, were "Yellow river" by Christie and "Pour un flirt" by Michel Delpech. Next was a LP: "Slade Alive". Quite a difference. I remember my mother telling me this was a rip-off because there were only 7 songs on this LP.

In 1972, my 11-months-younger-sister (13) had a 17 year old boyfriend and he invited us, together with some older friends of him, to join them on a 2-day party in Hulst - Holland. My father, though he was known as very severe, agreed. So off we went, hitch-hiking.

At one moment the DJ played some real good music, everybody started to dance a slow. But the music got faster and heavier and heavier; so no one could keep pace. Then another heavy track followed and another one...

He played the entire Deep Purple In Rock LP!

deep purple in rock

I think we heard the same Deep Purple LP a few more times in those two days - well, if I remember it well: after all, this happened almost 40 years ago! But I do remember that when we woke up the next morning - with a beer for breakfast - the first thing we heard was Deep Purple's "Child In Time" and I really was hooked on that music.

deep purple tab song

tablature song "Deep Purple" (Ritchie's grandmother favourite)

A bit later a friend of mine - who I am still thankful for that - introduced me to Deep Purple's "The Concerto". Then I borrowed - and taped - their earlier LP's from the discotheque. After "Burn" I kind lost interest in Deep Purple; not for any special reason, but it just happened. I do not even remember if I knew they split in 1976.

The concerts I have seen in those days were very few: I remember The Pebbles (a Belgian band) with very long solo spots from the bass player and the drummer.

I went to the "First Heavy Sound Festival" in Brugge, especially to see Uriah Heep and Golden Earring. I think I was the only one on the ground with a red vest; all the others wore black leather or jeans jackets. When Gary Moore started his gig I left. I did not know that Ian Paice was in his band. I think the headliners were Motörhead.

I am afraid that was about it for my "real" concerts.

deep purple nero

Deep Purple in a Belgian cartoon series "Nero"

One time I saw a concert on English ITV which I liked very much: a band called Rainbow; did I know who the guitarist was?

Noooooooooooooooooooo, but I sure liked it!

(I only found it out a couple of years later; luckily I video-taped it)

When I read in the newspaper that Deep Purple started again in 1984, I had to tell everybody, and most of them did not bother!
My first Deep Purple concert was June 1985. The 1987 concert I missed because it was sold out. Nowadays I would not care; and try my luck at the entrance. The next one was in 1991 with Joe Lynn Turner. Around that time I discovered on one of my Deep Purple records the DPAS address, to which I subscribed.

In DarkerThanBlue I then discovered the existence of the Belgian Deep Purple fan club, with one of the earliest and most hard core members living in my own neighbourhood. Then everything went into overdrive. My back catalogue was almost complete, so I started to collect tapes (I still have my first "list" which I mailed to Sweden in 1995). Well, one can hardly call it a list - 7 (!) items hand-written. Followed by a typed list; then I bought a word processor (who needed a computer? Not me). Six months later I bought a heavier and faster word processor. Again a few months later: my computer; then Internet, next was Internet via cable (very interesting with those high phone rates in Belgium, and much faster!)

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After a while I had more than 350 Deep Purple concerts on tape, without counting videos or Rainbow gigs. Alas due to lack of time I have stopped trading since a few years. Later I discovered a GREAT American site, which is loaded with recorded Deep Purple concerts!

deep purple hub

deep purple t-shirt Seoul

that's me, home-exchanging in Oslo 2000, proudly wearing my Korean Deep Purple tour shirt

Here are my reviews, tickets and photographs of most of the Deep Purple concerts I witnessed:

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deep purple logo

1985 Jun 24 Genk, Limburghal

1991 Mar 08, Brussel Vorst Nationaal

1993 Nov 02 Brussel, Vorst Nationaal

1994 Jun 06 Gent, Expo Hallen

1996 Mar 23 Brussel, Vorst Nationaal

1996 Sep 30 Lille, Zenith Arena

1996 Oct 06 Deinze, Brielpoort

1998 Jul 09 Paris, Le Zenith

1998 Sep 24 Brussel

1998 Oct 12 Rotterdam, Ahoy

1998 Nov 08 Lille, Le Zenith

1999 June 25 Koln, Palladium

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1999 Sep 25 London, RAH

2000 Sep 30 Antwerpen, Sportpaleis

2000 Oct 30 Rotterdam, Ahoy

2003 May 29 Roeselare, Schwung Festival

2003 Aug 10 Nandrin, Festival

2003 Nov 02 Dusseldorf, Philipshalle

2004 July 8 Roeselare, Schwungfestival

2005 Sep 03 Dusseldorf, Polo Jubilaums-party

2006 Jan 25 Brussel, Vorst Nationaal

2006 Jul 14 Zottegem, Rock Festival

2007 May 18 Antwerpen, Lotto Arena

2007 Nov 19 Liege, Country Hall

2008 Jul 27 Tienen, Suikerrock

2009 Nov 18 Antwerpen, Lotto Arena

2010 Nov 03 Marche-en-Famenne, WEX

2011 Juli 29 Tienen, Suikerrock


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demon's eye

2007 Feb 22 Ian Paice & Demons Eye - Zoetermeer, De boerderij

2008 Nov 28 Doogie White with Demons Eye - Verviers, Spirit of 66

2011 April 07 Doogie White with Demons Eye - Genk, Zaal Bret

2012 Mar 30 Demon's Eye with Dario - Genk, Rondpunt 26


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ritchie blackmore's rainbow


1995 Oct 09 Dusseldorf, Phillipshalle

1995 Nov 01 Brussel, Vorst Nationaal


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blackmore's night


1997 Dec 16 Koln, Live Music Hall

2001 Oct 03 Amsterdam, Paradiso

2001 Oct 04 Tilburg, 013

2002 May 04 Ingelmunster, Labadoux Festival


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glenn hughes

1996 Nov 15 Vosselaar, Biebob


joe lynn turner

1997 Nov 16 Vosselaar, Biebob



2004 Apr 03 Antwerpen



2009 Oct 24 Uden, De Pul

2010.04.22 Kerkrade, The Rock Temple


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