A choice of comments by our previous home exchange guests:

brugge 13

"feeling that we are out in the country while enjoying all the conveniences of modern urban life...This is the 4th time we have exchanged houses, but the first time we are leaving 'too early', wishing we could extend the exchange for another two weeks, staying in your sweet home has been a very relaxing and pleasant experience"

"the surroundings inviting you to enjoy family-trips on the bicycle."

(Nancy, Hannah - Denmark 1998)

brugge 10

"What did we think of Belgium? Well I should let the other speak for themselves but, for me, it was a good experience. I think Belgium generally has a low profile - what I mean is that I do not believe most people have a clear idea of what life is like in Belgium or of what the character of the people is like. It's necessary to go there to find out. As always, its impossible to generalise but I came away with a strong impression of a quietly kind and helpful people. Unlike many places I have been, I never came across anyone who was rude or unfriendly and that makes a huge contribution to the enjoyment of any holiday. Everywhere we went in Belgium we were impressed with the lack of litter and the way people apparently cared for their environment - I wish I could say the same for our town where the bad attitude of some means we all have to live with their mess. Driving was so easy - when I did make a mistake, other drivers seemed prepared to accommodate me instead of leaning on the horn. Road signs were much better than in Italy or France and finding our way around was amazingly easy. I preferred West Flanders and especially Brugge and the area around Ieper. In fact I could have spent the entire two weeks in the WW1 battlefield areas. I couldn't help wondering what today's generation of Belgians make of the memorials and war graves - is this just a tourist opportunity or do they see deeper meanings. Also, no one could tell me what happened to the German dead - where are their memorials, where are their graves? The Canadian and Australian memorials were especially moving - so far from home and so many. Incredible. Brugge was quite superb, even if it was aimed very much at the tourist market. I was impressed at the professional way in which the assets of the city had been managed - a lot of places could learn from Brugge. In fact I think the only area of Belgium that didn't appeal to me were the coastal towns from Ostend along to Knokke-Heist. They seems to lack any real purpose or taste and, in that respect, they were the same as many seaside towns in the UK. Probably I need to reflect more on our Belgian experience for a while but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the place to anyone."

(Bill - Scotland 1999)

brugge 02

"Thank you all very much for making such an effort to give us a big Belgium welcome when we arrived - we really enjoyed the food and we are looking forward to the Waterzooi (hope I spelled that OK) tomorrow. I have no doubt we will all be very comfortable in your lovely home and we will do our best to look after things while you are in Scotland."

(Calum, Bill, Jess, Ruaraith - Schotland 1999)

brugge 03

"We hebben een ontzettend leuke vakantie gehad waar we nog lang aan zullen terugdenken. Wij hebben gisteren samen gefietst, o.a. naar het Tillegembos. Wat wonen jullie in een prachtige omgeving. Dat is toch ideaal vlakbij het bos en vlakbij het strand. In het verlengde van de Doornstraat waren we onder de indruk van een glazen huis in aanbouw. Dat wordt wel iets heel bijzonders, geloof ik. Afgelopen vrijdag zijn ze een dagje naar Bellewaerde geweest. Dit was zeer geslaagd te noemen. Leuk park."

(Lefteris, Hilly, Andreas, Vivian - Holland 2003)

brugge burg

(foto dpm)

"Jullie hebben een ontzettend gezellig huis; we voelden ons meteen thuis. Ook de tuin is erg leuk; je hebt wel werk gemaakt van de vijver, zeg! Wij hebben net heerlijk gegeten, je begrijpt dat ik daar heel graag het recept van wil overnemen........ echt zalig; dat vlees!! 
Het is hier heel rustig en een mens op vakantie hoeft niks, heerlijk dus. Wat is Brugge een prachtige stad!! We hebben de grote kerk bekeken ( indrukwekkend) en een vermoedelijk klein stukje van het centrum.
We zijn vanmiddag naar de sterrenwacht geweest en hebben daar een prachtige show gezien, werkelijk schitterend.
Zelden hebben wij zulke vriendelijke buren meegemaakt als Lidia
Wij willen jullie ook graag hartelijk bedanken voor jullie gastvrijheid, jullie huis past ons als een ouwe jas. Dat klinkt niet erg complimenteus misschien, maar een ouwe jas zit altijd veel beter dan een pas gekocht colbertje!!
Wij voelden ons echt thuis en hopen contact te houden."
(Sitta, Peter, Mindou, Jurre - Holland 2004)

bruges ezelpoort

thank you for letting us use your warm and welcoming family home. We had a pleasant stay at Brugge...loved the ancient town center with it's magnificent buildings."

(Ulrich, Ulrike, Momo, Aishe - Holland 2005)

bruges damse vaart

"We really felt at home. Thank you for your hospitality in beautiful Brugge. One big museum, nice little towns in the neighbourhood. Loved the chocolat!
We'll be back."
(Jeroen, Monique, Isolde, Lisette - Holland 2005)

brugge paardenfontein

(foto dpm)

"thank you for your hospitality and the perfect preparation for a couple of fantastic days in Brugge. We enjoyed the flemish stew and the nice house... It was real nice taking care of the animals; especially Miko is super!"

(Martien, Irma, Tatiana - Holland 2006)

brugge begijnhof

(foto dpm)

"It was great; we had to get used to live in some one elses home, but is was our first home exchange. You did a great job with your "Lange Molenstraat Survival Kit", a huge amount of information concerning the surroundings and all...

Miko stole our hart, even though he is a real naughty thing.

Brugge is a beautiful old little town."

(Joost, Renee - Holland 2006)

bruges begijnhof

There are so many things we want to thank you for...We both got very attached to Miko. Are you sure we can't take him with us?? We felt very much at home here in Sint Andries. We loved taking long walks though the wonderful forest, riding our bikes along the canals... "

(Heike, Gerd - Germany 2006)

bruges molen

Too bad we have to go home again... we enjoyed the flemish karbonaden, have enjoyed beers on terraces...

It has been a very succesful weekend, your house was like home. Miko is a sweetheart "

(Jan, Gesa - Holland 2006)

bruges brug

"We loved the calmth; we slept wonderful and felt us at home. Miko is a nice naughty cat, but very cozy. And we loved Maaike's room."

(Corrie, Herman - Holland 2006)

brugge blinde ezelpoort

(foto dpm)

"Wij hebben de voordelen van huizenruil ruimschoots genoten. Met name jullie badkamer was voor ons een grote luxe. Mede door de onze bezoeken aan de verschillende musea hebben wij een heerlijke tijd gehad. Want kunst is hier in overvloed. "

(Rob en Lia - Holland 2007)

brugge markt

(foto dpm)

"We hebben een heerlijke week gehad in St Andries. Een fijn huis, rustige omgeving en Brugge en de zee dichtbij. Het was echt genieten, je wil eigenlijk nog langer blijven, maar je moet ook weggaan op het leukste moment. Het welkomstmaal was heerlijk, de goedgevulde koelkast en Belgische biertjes, dat alles was een heel warm welkom."

(Giem en Ineke - Holland 2007)

brugas reitje

"Thank you for allowing us to stay in your large and comfortable house. We certainly liked your super sized bed. We have had a wonderful holiday. Brugge is a lovely city and I am sure this will not be our last visit. The local forest is great. We enjoyed - in a different way - the trips to the world war I sites in and around Ieper. This is our first long house exchange and it could not have been better. All the information in your Survival Guide was appreciated as were all the leaflets and maps. It was better than the Tourist Office."

(Ann and Alan - UK 2007)

brugge halletoren markt

(foto dpm)

"Hoewel ik al ongeveer 25 jaar bijna jaarlijks in deze regio kom, blijf ik het een heerlijke omgeving vinden met Brugge als hoogtepunt...We hebben het ontzettend naar onze zin gehad in jullie gezellige huis."

(Rene, Francoise, Timo en Myrthe - Holland 2008)

brugge station roltrap hdr

(foto dpm)

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