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the great war

----- Brugge tourism -----


Brugge, visit Bruges website

brugge visit website


Brugge Website

brugge logo


Brugge, google maps

Grotere kaart weergeven


Brugge, Citytour

brugge city tour


Brugge, Historium



Brugge, beer museum

beer museum


Brugge, torture museum



Brugge, lamp museum

brugge lampmuseum


Brugge, diamond museum

brugge diamantmuseum


Brugge, Lace Centre

brugge kant


Brugge, museums

brugge museum


Brugge, things to do (Virtual Tourist website)

virtual tourist


Brugge, sight seeing in a carriage



Brugge, weathercam

weathercam brugge


Brugge, webcam



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----- Brugge culture -----


Brugge, concertgebouw

brugge concertgebouw


Brugge, medieval evening, anno 1468

brugge celebrations


Brugge, musica antiqua

brugge musica antiqua


Brugge, this week (Dutch)

brugge plus


Brugge, what to do, when and where

brugge in en uit



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----- Brugge beer -----


Brugge, brewery De Gouden Boom

brugge gouden boom


Brugge, Brewery de Halve Maan

brugge halve maan


Brugge, 't Brugs Beertje

world famous pleasant and attractive special beerhouse in the centre of Brugge

(choosen by top 20 of the world best beer bars!)

brugs beertje


Brugge, De Garre

de garre



Belgian beer guide

belgian beers



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----- Brugge food -----


Brugge, Chocolate Line

great chocolate shop (mentioned in Michelin Guide, dealer for ***; mentioned in Gault & Millau) did ao a birthday party of the Rolling Stones

brugge chocolate line


Brugge, Choco-story, the chocolate museum

brugge choco story


Brugge, chip museum

brugge frietmuseum


Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc

(mentioned in Gault &Millau)



Patissserie Academie

(best one in Brugge; mentioned in Gault &Millau)

Patisserie Academie


Brugge, restaurants

brugge karmeliet


Brugge, De Vlaamsche Pot

(Flemish restaurant with a wide choise of various local dishes )

brugge vlaamse pot


Brugge, restaurant reviews (tripadvisor)



Brugge, restaurant reviews (Nederlands)




Brugge, vegetarian restaurants

happy cow



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----- Brugge surroundings -----


Brugge, surroundings



Brugge, region

brugge station


Belgium, attractions in...



Brugge, observatory Beisbroek (volkssterrenwacht)

brugge beisbroek


Belgian coast





tourism Damme


Ostend, Earth Explorer


Sluis (Holland)


Zeebrugge, Seafront


Welcome to Flanders



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----- Brugge fun -----


Brugge, Boudewijn Seapark

brugge boudewijnpark


Brugge, Kinepolis

brugge kinepolis logo



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----- Brugge other links -----





 Brugge, taxi

Brugse taxiservice


Belgium, pictures of...

tn brugge belfort


Belgian railways




Mappy, road guide


Reisweb (Dutch)


Don't forget your toothbrush


Vakantiebagagelijst (Dutch)

Zoover (Dutch)


Our guestbook



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