Our neighbourhood

pictures I took during a helicopter flight

We live in Sint Andries, only 5 Km from the well-known city of BRUGES. (Europe's 2002 Cultural Capital).

Bruges is a lively city, but a city for people.

Our neighbourhood is very nice, with peaceful surroundings.

The maximum speed in our quarter is 30 km/hr. We have friendly and welcoming neighbours. In addition it is very child-friendly: our street is a save and quiet cul-de-sac, of only 4 houses. The only traffic is very local. 

It is real nice to wake up in the morning while listening to the singing birds (20 years ago, we used to live on a very busy road).  

ours is the terra cotta one

Different shops (department stores as well as neighbourhood-shops, butchers, bakeries…) and lovely forests (which were highly appreciated by most of our home exchange friends) are very nearby. You only need to walk 5 minutes to our Olympic swimming pool, the football stadium (FC Bruges), and the bowling hall. Tennis and horse riding are also nearby.  

A few km from here we have a brand-new cinema-complex (since July 2006). 

Bus stops are just within a few minutes walking distance. Nearby, we have a very user-friendly and cheap park-and-ride bus system .


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