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Zoo Projects


Especially for fish, but also for many reptiles and amphibians, zoos hardly have breeding programmes. Through our good contacts with breeders, farms, importers, ... we can often help a zoo in search of a specific species.

We try to work with captive bred specimens as much as we can. They don't put pressure on wild populations and are generally stronger and less demanding in their care.

Some of the animals we've had on our available list in the past:

Reptiles: Dracaena guianensis, Trioceros Jacksoni, Batagur borneoensis, Varanus timorensis, natrix natrix natrix,
Freshwaterfish: Arapaima gigas, osteoglossum bicirrhosum, potamotrygon sp, Panaque nigrolineatus, cichla occelaris, …
Marine fish: Cheilinus undulatus, Rhinobates armatus, Carcharhinus melanopterus, Rhinopias eschmeyeri, synancea verrucosa, …
Birgus latro, Coenobita sp., Geosesarma sp., Metasesarma sp., Uca forcipata, ...
Mammals: Mus minutoides, Hystrix indica, Echinops telfairi, atelerix albiventris, Tolypeutes sp., …

We are particularly proud to have a good network of poison arrow frog breeders and reliable suppliers of healthy acclimated marine animals.

For an up-to-date available/wanted list, please call or e-mail us.