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wintertaling                                                  green-winged teal

Duits: Krickente
Frans: Sarcelle d'Hiver
Latijns: Anas crecca



VERSPRIJDING:Noord- en Midden-eurazie,Noord-Amerika    

BESCHRIJVING:het kleinste eendje.Woerd:kop kastanje bruin met brede groene vlek van oog tot achterhals. overig verenkleed grotendeels fijn zwartwit gestreept;borst gelig wit met zwarte puntjes,witte schouderstreep,groene spiegel Vrouwtje:bruin en geelachtig gevlekt met lichte wangen lichte onderkant en groene spiegel. 

HABITAT:ondiepe binnenwateren met weelderige plantengroei hoogveen en heidemeren,trekvogel

HOUDEN:decoratieve soort,geschikt voor voliér een tuinvijver verdraagzaam,niet veeleisend,winterhard

FOKKEN:eenvoudig,nest in dichte vegetatie,ook in nestkast broedtijd begin mei,eieren:6-12 roomkleurige eieren broedduur 21-25 dagen.kuikens teer gevoelig voor vocht en kou bij uitbroeden in broedkast beter resutaat. jongen na 44 dagen vliegvlug en geslachtsrijp aan het einde van het eerste levensjaar

LENGHT:14 inches

DISTRIBUTION:Breeding is in the Northern Hemisphere completely around the pole in the tundra and boreal forest zones of North America and Eurasia south as far as California, northern Japan, west to Britain and Iceland. It winters further south in the United States along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts south to Honduras and the Caribbean. In Europe and Asia it is found along the Mediterranean and Black Seas and south to central Africa below the Sahara Desert and east into Pakistan, India, southeast Asia and eastern China.

DISCRIPTION:The adult male green-wingedteal has a cinnamon colored head with a green patch around and behind his eyethat is bordered underneath with a fine white line. Its upper body is gray andits chest is a creamy white speckled with brown. It has a white stripe down its side between its chests and its wings. the european drake have a horizontal white stripe above the wings. The green-winged teal gets its name from the green patch on its  wings. It has a black bill and black legs and feet.  The female green-winged teal has a light brown head and neck and a whitish throat. Her upperside is a dark brown and her underside is white.  She also has a green patch on her inner wings. It is a little brighter than the male'

HABITAT:The Green-winged Teal lives near marshes and lakes with forested areas nearby. It primarily eats vegetable matter including seeds, field grains, the soft parts of plants, acorns and berries. It also eats aquatic insects, snails and worms

BREED:The green-wing is one of theeasiest ducks to breed in captivity. The breeding season begins in early Mayand the hens look to build nests in stands of thick grass or other vegetation, but may also accept boxes. They do not require a large aviary, as long as it is well planted. The clutch sizes range from 6 to 12 cream colored eggs and are incubated for about 23 days. The hens can be allowed to hatch and rear their own young, but due to their small size, the aviary walls need to be covered ormade of small wire to prevent escape.