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My name is Artemis Rosakis, born in 1961 in Greece.

Since young age I`m drawing. I was always interested in any kind of artwork,

but specially in fantasy-art and later erotic-art. 

While working in several jobs in Greece and foreign countries,

where I could get inspirations for my art-work and learn different styles and techniques,

I started to run my own business as an tattoo-artist. I love to realize the "tattoo-dreams"

of my customers but all my free time I spend at my drawings. I still do oil-paintings but

latest I use more and more the digital medium, where I try to make the art look like a

traditional painting.

First appearance : 19 - 01 - 2005
Last update : 14 - 01 - 2006
Images : 30
contact : Artemis Rosakis
country : Greece

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