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Absent Music -  CHEZ RENEE - CD + DVD EE36

With great pleasure we announce the release of CHEZ RENEE (CD+DVD), a collaboration between


CHEZ RENEE (ik en erotiek/I and erotica) is an art project with drawings, paintings, video and performance which premiered on the 19th of March, 1988. The video accompanied the performances and shows Renee’s makeup ritual: in many ways overwhelming, disarming, going past the temptation.

The haunting soundtrack for the video was composed by JAN VAN DEN BROEKE (also known from THE MISZ and JUNE11) and released on cassette in March 1988, in an edition of 100 copies only. It became a real collector’s item through the years.

Both the video and soundtrack are now fully restored and brought together as CD+DVD. This arty gem now comes in a deluxe 6-panel ecopack plus an extra nicely designed 8 page 7” booklet (a STROOM  / EE Tapes coproduction) featuring pictures, paintings and words by the artists. Released in a limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies, only 150 copies are available from us, so don’t hesitate to order your copy!

Tags: electronic, ambient, minimal, erotic

Clash between two giants:

Daniel Malempré aka M.A.L. (guitarist) and Alain Neffe (non-guitarist).

At first, Daniel and Alain recorded their own music at home.

At a second stage, they played on each other's tracks in order to finish the song.

At the end of the process, Alain deconstructed and reconstructed the whole thing

and made the final mix and arrangements. 

A very non-typical project indeed, limited to only 200 copies.

Genre: electro-acoustic, strange sounds, insane music, experimental

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KOSMOSE "Some Little Trips To Our Fluorescent Land" 

2CD | EE38 | 300 copies | mini gatefold sleeve  | release date: 01/12/2017

Amazing kosmic-psychedelic impro music from 1976 by Alain Neffe's first serious

band KOSMOSE, hailing from the Charleroi area!!

All material has never been released before.

After 40 years on the shelf, it has now been dusted off and soundcleaned

by the master of INSANE himself.

For these recordings, KOSMOSE were

-Alain Neffe (keyboards/electronics/flute)

-Francis Pourcel (bass/e-gtr)

-Guy Hinant (drums)

-And Paul Kutzner (e-gtr).

Take a trip back to the 70s and enjoy!!

Tags: impro | progrock | experimental | krautrock | kosmic rock | psychedelic

HUMAN FLESH "Another red Planet"  CD | EE37 | 200 copies 

BeNe GeSSeRiT "Tournai" 

CD | EE39 | 200 copies | digipack  | release date: 02/12/2018 

This is a co-release of 200 copies with SHiT Tapes from Norway.

Only 100 copies available directly from our office, so please act fast!!

Offered here is a very similar live program compared to their "First Time In

Aachen" CD, EE Tapes 2010. However, because live performances by BeNe

GeSSeRiT were such a rare phenomenon at the time, here is another thankful

souvenir from 1991!!

Other improvisations or intros, the interaction with a different crowd, some

alternative tracks....making it all the more fascinating for the true fan who

missed out!! No more live action now, all past....

Introduction by Johan Schlanbusch for SHiT Tapes.

Cover stills taken from a mini-VHS video shot by Pieter Moreels

(Corrosive Tapes).



“4 in 1 volume 5”

LP + CD | EV15 | 300 copies  | release date: 10/22/2018

Another introduction into the INSANE world of Alain Neffe !!

Here is the 5th installment of the "4 IN 1" series on vinyl+CD

featuring 4 early INSANE groups


More recent songs (2012) from the couple who never stopped

You never know what to expect from this crazy anti-pop duet, very hot (when you're hip) !!


Daniel Malempré is a long-time INSANE collaborator (with Subject, Human Flesh or solo)

Please find a special treat with instrumental eastern-influenced guitar melodies, recommended !!



Ultra dark miniatures from the late 80s/early 90s featuring M.A.L, Xavier S. and some Norwegian friends


One of Alain's earliest solo experiments from the 70s inspired by cosmic kraut music !!

Hallucinating gentle to harsh atmospheres that scream to be discovered after 40 years on the shelf !!

The vinyl comes with a CD version including 4 bonus tracks, one by each contributor

All tracks are exclusive to this LP+CD compilation


Psych Krist Kastrator "Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke)"

CD | EE41 | Limited edition 100 copies | Release date 09/02/2019  OUT NOW!!

One/off resurrection of this musical cult project, another blast from the past !! 

Psych Krist Kastrator was an obscure Belgian band with a distinctive and unique sound. 

They existed from 1992 to '97 and were Marc Ceulemans (brainquake) with different vocalists: Robin (1992 - '94), Tom Tosseyn (1994) and Sjille (1995 - '97).

They were never very successful due to stage fright and their anti-commercial attitude. As a band they only played live a handful of times and had a very limited discography. 

With the exception of some tracks on compilation CDs everything came out on limited tapes and is hard to find by now. 

The original recordings did not happen very professionally and the sound quality on the original tapes dares to leave something to be desired. 

All original tracks on this selection were composed and recorded between 1991 - '95 and, after much insistence, were re-recorded, revised and remastered in 2018 for a live performance at Sewerfest '18 Antwerp with new vocalists: Gif Blauw, Rob Van Bulck and Maarten Thoelen.  

EE Tapes was there from the beginning and is pleased to finally be able to present this compilation CD that gives a good overview of what this occult underground band had to offer.

Ultra limited edition of 100 copies released as an old school A5-sized booklet with CD.

Booklet available in crème colour (75 copies) or pearl grey (25 copies).

Contact welcome for retail / wholesale orders (crème copies only), first come, first served.

Tags: industrial, experimental, EBM, leftfield


Dieter Müh "Mutus Liber"

CD | EE40 | Limited edition 200 copies | Release date 21/03/2019  OUT NOW!!

Initial Dieter Müh recordings from 1993-1994, never before released on CD !!  

About the reissue of this rare promo tape, here's Steve [Cammack] in his own words:

<< At the beginning of 1995 we played a gig at the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford with Zoviet*France. It went quite well and folk were asking about releases etc and we had nothing. So Dave [Uden] quickly knocked up a compilation of recordings we made in 1993-1994 at his (various) home(s) in Nottingham. I can't quite remember which tracks were recorded at which location. 

Because Tim [Bayes] was involved in the 'live set up' he included the extract from the gig at The Narrowboat. Tim is not on any of the studio recordings.

Only a handful of people received this give away tape. There is no master as such.

You probably have the only copy. 

Colin Potter approached us at our gig in York in 1995 and offered time at his ICR studio for cheap - if he could 'produce' [which resulted in Black Square, first official Dieter Müh release from 1997]. I think that is why we did not "push" Mutus Liber. >>

Join us on this exciting ambient noise trip !!

Limited to 200 copies in sealed digipak

Contact welcome for retail / wholesale orders, first come, first served.


BRUME "The Rusty Seeds"

EV16 | LP 100 copies | 2019-12-06  OUT NOW!!!

Project of the French composer Christian Renou

between musique concrete, sound collage and industrial noise.

All perfectly demonstrated on this new work, after a hiatus since 2017.

"The Rusty Seeds" consists of 2 lengthy mixed tracks that go back in time

through Brume's long-term career.

As always a fascinating audio trip never to be missed !!

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies on 180 gm vinyl.

Cover art by Jonathan Canady.

Only available directly from our mail order !!