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Reissue of a live performance by Dieter Müh, originally released on CDr on the Mouth label

in an edition of 15 copies (1998).

Performers were Steve Cammack and Dave Uden.

New CD limited to 150 copies including 3 additional studio tracks from the same period, 

taken from 2 CDr compilations on EE Tapes.

Packaged in a 7"-sized cover with 4 extra cards

Absent Music -  CHEZ RENEE - CD + DVD EE36:  OUT NOW!!

With great pleasure we announce the release of CHEZ RENEE (CD+DVD), a collaboration between


CHEZ RENEE (ik en erotiek/I and erotica) is an art project with drawings, paintings, video and performance which premiered on the 19th of March, 1988. The video accompanied the performances and shows Renee’s makeup ritual: in many ways overwhelming, disarming, going past the temptation.

The haunting soundtrack for the video was composed by JAN VAN DEN BROEKE (also known from THE MISZ and JUNE11) and released on cassette in March 1988, in an edition of 100 copies only. It became a real collector’s item through the years.

Both the video and soundtrack are now fully restored and brought together as CD+DVD. This arty gem now comes in a deluxe 6-panel ecopack plus an extra nicely designed 8 page 7” booklet (a STROOM  / EE Tapes coproduction) featuring pictures, paintings and words by the artists. Released in a limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies, only 150 copies are available from us, so don’t hesitate to order your copy!

Tags: electronic, ambient, minimal, erotic, human.

Dieter Müh - feeling a little horse -  CD EE35:  OUT NOW!

Brand new subtle work by Maurizio Bianchi exploring the noise cosmos:

deep space ambient noise as only he can produce, not unlike early Lustmord or Inade....

Dedicated to the memory of Aube (Akifumi Nakajima 1959-2013)

Mastered by Siegmar Fricke

Limited to 100 copies in an elegant flat cover package

Tags : abstract, ambient noise, deep space ambient, experimental

Maurizio Bianchi - MIKROMUSICHA -  CD EE34:  OUT NOW!

Pseudo Code EV13 -  'A Soundtrack From The Underground'

[Selected Contributions To The International 80s Network]: 2LP + CD   OUT NOW!!

Food for archaeologists of obscure 80s belgian underground, very cult !!

A collection of the earliest compilation tracks recorded by Pseudo Code during 1980-82 for legendary cassette labels from the early 80s underground, such as Trax (IT), PPP (FR), Finger In The Dike (NL), Music For Midgets (GB), Insane Music Contact (B), Grafika Airlines (B), Tear Apart Tapes (NL) a.o.

Long obsolete, but not forgotten!

Proud to present these mostly unheard tracks to a wider audience, published for the first time on both vinyl and CD !!

Pseudo Code was the musical project of Alain Neffe (label owner of Insane Music Contact,

in groups Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, Subject, Kosmose etc), Guy Marc Hinant (co-label owner 

of Sub Rosa) and vocalist Xavier S. (DJ on the national radio). All was improvised resulting into a unique emo/experimental DIY style which they called Potlatch Music.

CD master by Alain Neffe.

Vinyl master by illlektrik.toolz (aka Herman Klapholz/Ah Cama-Sotz).

Minimal handstickered white or black gatefold sleeves with square insert, 4 variations in total.

Limited to 250 copies on 180gr black vinyl with bonus CD of the same material.

Only 190 copies available for sale from our HQ.!