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My name is Gregory van de Wiele and I work as an independent integration consultant for my own company named solvIT, owner of the EAI.be domain.

My passion is about systems integration: EAI, B2B and B2G.

I have been designing and implementing for some major multinationals for several years in a row, helping them integrate their different enterprise systems as well as connecting the enterprise with its different partners and governments.

Although I'm interested in a wide variety of technologies, my main focus is on .NET based integration related technologies.

I'm a huge fan of Microsoft BizTalk Server since the very beginning, back when it was first released in the year 2000, and successfully integrating businesses ever since with the following releases.

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tel  +32 475 93 28 43
fax  +32 9 221 32 98

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Mellestraat 30, B-9270 LAARNE

HR Dendermonde 71.770
BTW BE 0479 138 725
Argenta 979-9946777-14

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