Albert Einstein,

by Ewa Olszewska






Ewa Olszewska is a prominent Polish medallistic artist

In 2006 she was awarded the International Prize " Fiera di Vicenza alla Carriera",

given once a year to an artist who has distinguished him- or herself during his or her working life in the execution of coins and medals.

In her own words "space is not abstract, but palpable and omnipresent"

Therefore, it was more than logical that she would portray Albert Einstein,

the scientist who demonstrated that space is matter.

The reverse shows the fusion of two black holes and the gravity waves this generates.

Einstein predicted these gravity waves (1916) and they were first abserved in 2015, which discovery was rewarded with the Nobel prize.


This cast bronze medal, 12,7 x 13 cm, weight 1,270 gr will be edited in a limited edition of maximum 25 examples worldwide.

Price is € 350 plus shipping. Can be ordered directly from the artist here

Thanks to Thomas Hertog for explaining the reverse.