The portrait medal and medallion.




The poet Emile Verhaeren by Armand Bonnetain, 1911.
Bonnetain made numerous portraits of contemporaries. This is a cast silver, very low relief medal.



Jean De Mot by Godefroid Devreese, 1920.
De Mot died in october 1918, in the last days of WWI in Passendaele. A sober, moving portrait.




Ludwig Von Beethoven by F. Stiasny.
Unusual three-quarter character portrait of the composer.



Emile Verhaeren by Adolphe Wansart, 1926.
Wansart had a very personal style characterised by strong lines, emphasising structure. Compare with the portrait of Verhaeren by Bonnetain.



William Van Zuylen by Wansart, 1930.
This young man died aged twenty. The portrait medal was issued as a souvenir for his friends. It reflects well the atmosphere of the twenties.



Georges Clemenceau by Henri Dropsy, 1930.
Strong, expressionist style portrait of the politician.
Cast bronze edition of the SFAM.



Prince Albert aged 3 by Marcel Rau, 1934.
Charming portrait of the prince, now King Albert II.



Jules Gautier by P.M. Dammann, 1936.
Art deco portrait, all in soft contours, focusing attention on the essence.



Princess Marie Josée by Geo Verbanck, 1937.
Gentle, unmistakably art deco portrait of the Princess.


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