The portrait medal and medallion.


Eugène Delacroix by Paul Turin.
Turin's style is inspired by ancient classical greec sculpture and beauty standards.


The writer Anatole France by Charles Villandre, probably around 1939.
Villandre was surgeon and sculptor. He did research on the Turin schroud, and that clearly influenced him in making this fascinating portrait.



Paul Vitry by Henri Bouchard, 1939.
Bouchard was a gifted sculptor in a family of wine makers in Burgondy. A museum is dedicated to him in Paris.





Charles Lindbergh by Oscar Nemon.
Nemon has produced several excellent portraits in this cubistic manner.




The architect Pierre Paquet by Henri Navarre, 1951.
Striking, sketchy portrait composed by an assemblage of rounded volumes.




Ghandi by Galtié, 1951 .
A portrait in full front view is not the easiest of options.
Galtié has created a superb portrait of the mahatma in meditation.
Large cast bronze medal edited by the SFAM.



Charles Baudelaire by Pierre Felix Masseau.
The author of "Les fleurs du mal" looks at us with a penetrating gaze.
Masseau also made the statue of Charles Baudelaire in the jardins du Luxembourg in Paris.




Bela Bartók by András Beck, 1959.
Beck was a hungarian sculptor. He made many portraits, busts and monuments relating to Bela Bartók. The style of the portrait reflects the music of Bartok.




Jacques Vienot by Henri Navarre, 1963.
Unusual stainless steel medal for a congress on inox.
Volumes are suggested by incised lines, an almost two-dimensional sculpture,which seems influenced by strip art.



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