Hellooo dearest visitor,

First thing to say: we are pleased to meet you at our very own website. It's our first website, so if you have some advice, please contact us.

The person on the left is Raf Moors and the person on the right of the picture is Peter Adriaensen. If you want to know more about one of us, just click on our head.

This website will keep you informed about the things going on in the UK (Wolverhampton). On this website, you can find some pictures of us and Wolverhampton, our final thesis project and some movies.

By clicking the logo's of the University of Wolverhampton, Hogeschool Limburg, of Wolverhampton Science Park; you will go to their personal websites.

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This song is dedicated to our girlfriends

Gun's & Roses - Don't cry

Last update: 6 October, 2004

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