De elf staat voor hemelse, fijne energieŽn. De draak stelt de Aarde-energieŽn voor. De Egyptische Ankh verbindt beide en is ďThe key of lifeĒ (sleutel des levens), teken van de faraoís en staat ook voor de Egyptische Alchemie, die sterk aanwezig is in dit huis

Crystal House of Empowerment

- where rock turns into gold -


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Welcome to the home of Erendil

Erendil is Elven and means "the star of hope" or the Energy of Christ.

This home is a Crystal House of Empowerment: the heart and soul of this place is a pure crystal adult with a passion to empower the people to their true selves and to awaken the God Within. After her paramedical studies she specialized in becoming a critical development therapist where she has over ten years of experience. Her approach is holistic and truly compassionate. Her gentle touch and deep energetic healing empowers the soul and therefore the whole person.

is a place where all children/adults  and especially New Age children (highly sensitive children, crystal children, starchildren, indigos...) are understood and supported individually and in group.

It is a place where children with 'behavioural' problems, concentration disorders and autistic behaviour are helped in a professional manner together with their parents.

The energy of healing is very loving and caring in this home of Erendil.


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