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Shinichi Osawa moves to Avex
  Old news, but important as hell.

Shinichi Osawa, aka Mondo Grosso, aka the guy that started everything for Eri Nobuchika, has left Sony Music Associated Records and moved to Avex.

This news has been confirmed on his own personal blog, which he posted on April 1st. Eri-san also mentioned she met Osawa-san "after a long time" in Nagoya, further confirming the fact that they might not have been working together in some time. The proof that all this is not an April Fool's prank is that he addresses his move 12 days later. In this post, he motivates his decision and shuns remarks that he has received, naming him a "sell-out".

In this post he also cites that Soulwax's records (a worldwide renowned Belgian underground band) are being released by Avex, probably as an argument that Avex (who are largely associated with very commercial and mainstream pop) is a worthy brand.

Osawa-san's move is of course hugely important to Eri Nobuchika. Next to being the one that has pushed the start of her professional career, he's also the producer and composer to all of Eri Nobuchika's songs. His compositions and music have hugely contributed to the specific Eri Nobuchika "sound": contemporary, classy and chic.

What Sony and Eri Nobuchika will do next, is a huge question mark. Will Eri-san move with Osawa-san? Will Sony transform Eri-san into a more mainstream pop artist? Will Sony drop Eri-san altogether? These are truly insecure and changing times.

Anyhow, and I think I can speak on behalf of all Eri Nobuchika fans, I'd like to thank Osawa-san for all his wonderful work with Eri-san, and wish him all the best with all future endeavors, under which label this might be.

> Shinichi Osawa blog: "move"
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Exclusive interview with Monday Michiru

  As you know, Shinichi Osawa is the producer of Eri-san. Many songs are coproduced in conjunction with others though, and one of these people is Monday Michiru. Over the course of a few weeks, we've had many interesting Q&A's with her, and we've now compiled it into one, big interview!

How did the recording sessions go with Eri-san? Was it fun, tiring,...? How long did it take?

We were given a certain amount of time to do the session.  I think it was doing leads to 2 songs, finishing the lead on one song, and both of us doing back vocals for 3 songs...or something like that.  I don't have the album yet so it's hard for me to remember without referring to the songs.  And I think we had 3 days?  She was great to work with, and with all sessions you have waves of being charged up, waves of getting tired -- she was battling jetlag as well, poor thing, so come 3:00 or 4:00 p.m., I could tell she would lose a little energy and voice would go to sleep a little.  But we got done everything that needed to be done, and she was a real trouper, would go
on and on unless I gave her a break, which her voice would sometimes need.

Special thanks to Monday-san!

> Full Article
--Shonen - Marmon
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