Supplementary Notes on >>1NT<<
ed.090323   Bids that needs ALERT are in orange color.  
MUTOS is a FIVE card based system. Therfore, we need 1 bid to show hands WITHOUT five card . Logically, we chose 1NT for this purpose...  

PASS : unless you have a five card major , you PASS with < 10hp. Game is out of reach. Keep the bid low.

2: relay from 10+hp onwards, denying a 5 card major. Attention : a 5 card minor with 10-11hp cannot be bid via this relay. Use the direct 3/.        
  • the answers show immediately strength : minimal = 2 level maximal=3-level
  • watch the difference compared with Stayman: 2 shows both majors!
  • the 3-level is 100% conventional. We show the exclusive 4card major holdings via 3 /. Then 3 shows both majors and 3 denies the majors.
  • partner's rebid on a minimal rebid of opener is NF (non-forcing) unless it is 3. Then it asks for the minor suits. The answers are stepwise : step 1-2-3 (=3) to chose out of the possible remaining suits or to indicate both.
  • on opener's maximal rebid the JNB (Just Next Bid) - alert- is always a MSA ( Minor Suits Ask).
  • when maximal, the opener can indicate his 4441 holding by bidding just below the singleton. The partner has all the required information for a correct endbid. If he - despite the singleton- wants to end in a NT-contract he can bid 4 in opener's singleton. The opener will now end in 4NT which now may not be interpretede as Blackwoods ace-request.

2/ : transfer for the next higher major suit. Strength unknown. Used for weak, limited or (very) strong hands.

  • when opener accepts the transfer (always except when 4441 with sn in the transferred suit) the partner will :
  • refusing the transfer (..4441..) with
    • 1 step further = 12-13 hp
    • 2 steps further = 14-15 hp
  • pass when weak
  • rebid not beyond 2NT when limited
  • rebid 3 for game forcing. Room is now available for opener to clarify strength and nature of his support in the major via (alert) steps
    • step123 : 12-13 and 2/3/4 card support
    • step456 : 14-15 and 2/3/4 card support
2 : 54xx . NF. (10-11hp). To avoid the 3-level when rebidding 3 after the -transfer.
2NT : Forcing. A "gate" for all weak hands with 6+ cards. The opener always rebids 3, P/C.
3/ : NF. for 5+ / with 10-11hp. These can not be bid via 2 as a 3 rebid would mean a stronger hand.
3 : P/C. A special bid for a particular hand that else is difficult to bid : 2x5 card major with 8-9hcp. The shape of the distribution and the guarantee of a fit makes the hand worthwhile 10-11hp. Indeed, the opener can not have 2 doubletons and must therefor fit in one of the two majors.
  Hands of 2x5 major and 10-11hps are stronger and evaluated as 12-13 hp: GF. Therefor, a transfer for is done and afterwards 3 is rebid (GF). Opener will react as if 3 is only a 4card holding. If opener's rebid is now 3NT (with 2 and 3), partner will correct to 4.
We fill the 3NT-response with another usefull hand : 2x5 minor and enough (12+hp) for game as we arrive allready on this level.