Supplementary Notes on MUTOS 1 spade >>1<<

As we play the 5 card , 1 shows a 5 card , 12-15 hps, as stronger hands go via 1.

We use 2 stronger relay bids : 1NT and 2. We sacrifice 1NT because with at least 2 - card support , partner can always bid 2, yes, even in a 5-2 fit , which is till a playable contract. Experience has shown that the partnership is often in need to deal with the situation where partner has a 5card in the OTHER major. It is like Murphy's law is always present : if one partner offers a 5 card major, his partner will have the other major suit....

1) WIth 1NT- we can indicate a 10+hp holding with a 5 card in the other major. We are interested in the number of cards in that other major. LOM - Length Other Major becomes active.

2) WIth 2, also 10+hp, the partner has no 5 card in the other major, and often he will have a 3card support in the opening major. The opener will now tell his controls in the minor suits. When naming 2/3 , it will indicate nevertheless a 4card , in order not to lose a possible 4-4 fit in the other major.

3) the other answers are showing a weaker hand, at least a 5 card.

4) The 3 level is reserved for Bergen Raises

5) When Bergen Raises is used , one loses the 3-level preemptive answers. Not with MUTOS : we use another bid as a gate to announce the long weak hand : 2NT.