2 and 3 level openings

The 2 level openings are typically of a preemptive nature to ennoy the opponents. To make the context even more misty, we include in the two 2-minor openings a strong variant. The strong variant makes it - by definition - no problem to open a level higher. For the weak, preemptive variant we are backed up by some distributional strength in addition to the fact that -1 or even -2 down can leverage a good score.

2 :

2 :

2/ : Muiderberg, showing a 5 card/ next to a 4+ card minor, unknown.

2NT : <10hp, a kind of 2NT unusual , promising 2x5 card in the lowest available suits, here the minors. Partner choses a minor or raises to 3NT with an appropriate hand.

3x : <11hps, 7+card in x . Partner reacts in a natural way.

3NT : "gambling" , promising a 7 or 8 card MINOR suit, closed at the top ( AHVxxxx or AHxxxxxx ). A partner must be able to count on 8 tricks in that suit while he 's able to receive any lead.