In MUTOS we apply a constructive defence : we promise at least 12hp or equal because of distributional strength ( Rule of 20, 26+zp).

On a 1 minor opening we apply MUTOS Comic.

On a 1 major opening , a natural approach is followed except for 1NT : info-1NT

On strong openings, we chose for a disturbing approach :

On a (strong) 1NT opening : DONT.

On a strong club opening : DOSC.



Only applicable after a 1 minor opening, provided that 1 is not a strong club opening.

info 1NT

Only applicable after a 1 major opening.

1NT promises opening strength while not short in the opening suit. Often he wil be short in the other major and such most likey holds something in both minors.


We recommend the reading of

Defensive Play Complete Edgar Kantar

Opening Leads

Lawrence, M. (1996).



Many agreements are possible. After trying out many of them , we landed at